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Of the internal or external video footage from any of the trains that were involved in this disaster. Brian Nick, Monaco represents Boston by that. I mean, our Amtrak train the other Amtrak train that was struck by stones the septa. The train. That was struck by stones septa has handed over reports and records they have from that day. But Amtrak has not we've reached out to Amtrak but have not yet hurt back. Kristen Johanson, KYW NewsRadio a fishing trip lead to the arrest of a bucks county prison guard who was out on medical leave KYW suburban bureau chief Jim Melwert reports correctional facility guard Carl Stokes filed for workers comp November twenty seventeen but according to a criminal complaint after the county was alerted the several social media posts listening Stokes as a fishing guide for real river adventures to undercover officers book the half day trip for two hundred forty hours during which he moved around the boat without restriction bucks county. Prosecutor Mark Ferber generally acted without any type of limitation during the trip when confronted about a form filled out saying he wasn't making money through other employment. The court documents say Stokes told investigators his lawyer said it was okay because he was not making money only. Rick. Qiuping expenses Stokes is charged with multiple felonies including worker's comp insurance fraud and theft by deception at the suburban bureau, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio. A woman artists generally overlooked in the history of impressionists is now being recognized the US debut of her exhibit opens at the Barnes foundation. KYW Steve tower was there. The paintings by Baruch.

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