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All you see is the krona this like wispy tendrils of of flight flowing around the sun like fingers or like a wreath were i've heard lots of descriptions with their crowd atlanta at every eclipse is very different said sometimes the the krona's pretty quiet the times it's very active and it's shooting out streamers sometimes you can see providence's which are these like fiery little fingers that stream office son and their pink and red and you can see all of this with your nakedeye which is pretty amazing amazing it's incredible well there's also serve the sings id team of waiting like are the conditions going to be good hannah have i really love how barron described this like how that day was unfolding in it was clear but then there was like a cloud in the distance and just uh i want to read the sentence from his book he says the depths of anxiety experienced by an astronomer an hours before a total solar eclipse are difficult to fathom just imagine like ever so much as resting on you know these few minutes right and yeah you want all of those conditions to be right um so in also it's like it's this object itself right it's the sons the krona that you're looking at but then the way people describe what happens to the earth around you and how it can of makes you questioned your sumptiousness about color and what you're seeing today sounds really fascinating yeah and he describes that that the that the sky doesn't look it's neither day nor nor a night like a it's a different i mean he's her describes it as like a a gray or something but that it is it seems qualitatively different than just the night sky rioting is interesting said david barron it's interesting to note a he he's sort of become an eclipse chaser yeah hon he once he saw his first one he he got hooked so um i'll be interviewing him in a couple of days and i'm going to ask him about this and wondering how many he's he seemed but it sounds like it is an addiction can't even i've got what the word for that what is a member of fire yeah i'll yes alza good a shadow of is called the umbro and if you wanna.

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