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You know the parts of the bills lawmakers have negotiated in order to get the needed votes that length the policies to the future passage of a transportation package so Section three, which operates inappropriately as a delayed effective day, Insley added. Legislators passing transportation back up this year, But Senate Transportation Secretary Steve Hobbs says grows over Extension of executive powers tops calling on legislative leadership to back him up with the Legislature's willing leadership is knowing I say we already video federal prosecutors made an arrest in the massive fraud scheme that targeted Washington State's unemployment office. FBI spokesman Steve Burn in Seattle, He caught a Nigerian man trying to leave the country out of New York City. We were able to pick him up before he was able to get on this flight. The man is expected to be brought to western Washington, where he'll face a detention hearing this Wednesday. He's accused of stealing identities of more than 100 Washington residents and receiving more than $350,000 worth of jobless benefits. Encouraging news now out of Pierce County, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, it's coming news Tribune looked at the numbers and found that the county reported less than 100. New covert cases just 97 no new deaths today tomorrow. Pierce County joins the rest of the states in phase three covert restrictions. Your kind already of forecasts. We're starting to see the rain creep in from off the coast will see showers widespread here in a couple of hours. More showers. Tonight's right now. 59. Mostly cloudy outside the Carter Subaru studio. I'm Erin Gordillo. Cairo Radio News. Tell your smart speaker to play Cairo radio here for what's next. There you go. All right, Sean. You all right? Rusty campfire little rest. I'll make mistakes here once in a while. Alright, I'm in it. All right. Make sure that my northwest dot com Texas Well, come on in through the state roofing text landed 98 97 3 All are welcome. All right. More news on the Bill Melinda Gates on a scale of.

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