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That's right which I don't know what's worse being historically underrated or everyone in the world acknowledging. Well he's underrated because everyone hates it. Yes saying like he's he's famous for two things. Is One of your famous for people. Underrating him and people not liking. You mentioned Sean Kemp. This is not at all. I'm not taking a shot at anybody but I was watching your very successful network the other day and this is on the heels of and this was not. Espn's volt when they do. The poll and Michael Jordan Wins Best College Basketball Player. Ever which made me realize if you put up a poll. Who's the best white basketball player ever? Jordan? Win that to player ever during win that too and they were doing it was on the anniversary of the starks. Dunk the iconic starks dunk. And so they're doing the top ten playoff dunks ever and number ten was the list blister Shawn Kemp Alton lister in the history on it's all of his and I was like man what could be number one man Jordan's weak little baseline dunk over. You and I'm like you gotta be kidding me man number one year ago he gonNa win that he's going to win. We're going to say that's the greatest playoff dunk ever so I appreciate it. The list and it reminded me of some dunks. I had forgotten including a Kobe dunk from playoffs against the timber. Wolves where he goes baseline does like the nurse that was. I had forgotten about that. That was unbelievable. But when you said Shawn Kemp I immediately thought of the dunk overall lister. Well the number of playoff doug like Jordan. Doug isn't even the number one bulls dunk in playoff history. I really can't think anything that's top. The disrespect typically pippen Yemen. Honestly I feel like we need to go back and relitigate a lot of things with those nineties Knicks because Scottie Pippin Yang. Doing threw him on the ground. Put his chest tickles in his face and nobody fought well. Listen I'm a? I'm an extremist on this. I think we might need to relitigate a lot of nine these basketball because it the nineties were over represented in that fifty greatest of the last fifty. Because it's the era we were in and there were no listen. I think Charles I again. I'm so you talk about what's worse junkies we are. I rewired games. Five in seven of the ninety-three Western Conference finals the other day. That'll being Seattle. Were Chuck had the best game of his career in game five and then topped it in game. Seven like Charles might be have become a little underrated and they're obviously amazing amazing. Clare's of that era but because of the expansion it was basically one star per team. Like that's why the Bulls in in the jazz. Were part of the reason they were. Such juggernauts is they. Were some of the only teams with two hall of Famers like people talk about the Knicks. And it's like man. The second best player on that team was a guy who had a fake a broken wrist in order to not get caught in John starks when he first came around and those Pacers seems folks. I'm sorry those were not great teams like because if your best players Reggie H is hard for me to believe. You're a great team with the Davis brothers and the Dunkin Dutchman but a lot of that I think we have to revisit a bit all right so the Pacers working right now on the pedals and so they get to be interesting. Is the early part of the nineties. Was Larry Brown as the coach and there are bonus points for Larry Brown being your coach right because he is to me just. We're talking about just coaching basketball. Lightnings the best ever and you take sales hotel me you take give somebody twelve random guys and you gotta make them into a basketball team. Larry Brown is they do it so I thought that the teams that he took to the conference finals The one that the one that lost to the Nixon and the one that lost the magic those teams. Not Really. You know that. Good now when you get to that second set of cheese okay. So Larry Bird genes. They went to the conference finals three years in a row. Now we're adding to its Reggie. It's a better version reggie. It's a better version of Rick Smits. Now you're adding like your Jalen. Rose a twenty four game score when he's at age twenty five. You're adding more Jackson who for what you needed at the time of. Playing Ninety Basketball Mark Jackson. The Guy for you to have your bringing like Sam Perkins off the. What would he twists or does it corn rows at that point for Sam? That is a very good question because that was when we started to realize shall we say how Sam Perkins gets down like. I felt like we got a better handle on his lifestyle as his career went and he started to give less than a day. So No. That's here's the thing about those pacers and you could say in a similar way the Knicks and this is where I should give him credit even they only had the one hall of Famer they were really well constructed rosters. You had what you needed to fill out the rest of it and I think your point about the aging Mark Jackson still being weapons especially until they made it illegal for the thirteen. Lean back down. Yes absolutely I mean that's totally fair. Critique Dairy Wiki like like they had guys right. I think that if they had won a championship which would have been asking a lot. We would look at them like. It's almost unfair. Honestly they would be more in line with the two thousand four Pistons. Because I'm not as wild about Reggie Miller as other people are thank you and I are. Kinda in the same camp or I feel like it. Reggie Miller has those twenty five points in the fourth quarter in game five of the Eastern Conference finals in one thousand nine hundred four and he has them against the Orlando Magic. Reggie Miller is not going to hall of Fame Right. He did it against the Knicks at a time where that mattered very much in elevated him to the status of Clutch player that was then reinforced by what he did in the late nineties. Like what he did in ninety eight against the Bulls and stuff like that like got built up after that now. What I think is interesting about the.

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