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I think. We also. What the thing that I've been telling myself about. What is it that I don't know? But I. Need to know how. I've come to recognize that. I need to. Develop, twenty first century skills. Strange strangely, you get to be eighty two and you start thinking about this, but once again. When I asked that question, how can I stay relevant? If I'm going to be relevant I've got to be able to develop twenty four centuries, skills and. Unanticipated you saying well coach? What our twenty first century skills are I think you have to develop the skills. That are transferable. and sustainable in the twenty first century there's there's so obviously leadership and communication, and just all communication, but written communication relationships. As long as we live, there's going to have to be leaner shifts. We're going to have to communicate. We're going to have to have relationships problem solving decision making information literacy critical big tests. Are we go on? The teamwork analytical thinking. What I try to do is take one of those. And for six months read as much as I. Can about what? Soda can better understand. How I can quit myself because I've. To take the vincents down I gotTa have I I. GotTa Call Down or or our? And I, Looked down. I got to get rid of forever and so. One side take those fences down I can't. Pop, the Cork and they want. All of this is free of my ability of of movement, and so now I got an I've got a a quick myself with these twenty first century skills particularly. At eighty two years old. because. The last thing. I want to be as a relic. And and protect myself from becoming a relic. I got I got to be able to compete. And ended twenty-first-century. I gotTA. Be Able to compete with young people. Old People I need. I need to compete with young people. I mean understand young people these young people. Are Huge? And I feel bad for our young people because. They're the ones that again inherited dismiss. And they're the ones that are going to have to. Fix It. And I. I feel so bad for our our our grandchildren and children, and and general these young people. Were leaving a mess on. And they. They're gonNA have to excel these skills. Because they're the ones who are GONNA have to figure out. What to do this mess that we must on doors to. What one of the one of the things I enjoy about. Our interactions Georgia's that you're. You're a man of ideas and concepts, but you're also of action. You do a lot and it's. It's informed action. There are millions of people right now. I'm sure probably tens hundreds of millions who are unsure of what to do, and perhaps also afraid of doing the wrong thing and. I'd be curious to know. If you have any advice for people who are. Feeling a need to do something, but don't know what to do. Of course we see. We've seen a lot of statements that have been issued. If you have any thoughts on statements what form they should take if any just love to hear your thoughts for those who feel like they should or need to do something, but are unsure of what to do. Look two days one. What can one do just be simple? Just let it start with yourself. Start with you and and do your part. I, want I'm going to. Come back to this public statement thing, but what what? I would like the as. And you did. This is is a partial energy. To what can we do? I would. Like the as each of those who are listening to. This Interview. Take a pledge. I would like you to write this down and take display if you WanNa know what you can do. Is this. And the pledges I encourage. I'm going to encourage each of our listeners to do this and the pledges I will fully commit. To being a positive change at. A positive difference maker. And in many lives as possible. Doesn't take money and it doesn't matter what race you are. Is. Just a simple pledge is got gotta start. Correcting wrongs, wrongs have to start with our behavior. And as say that again I got if you ever wanted to something. For me, just take this pledge and live I will fully commit. To being a positive change agent. A positive difference maker, and then and as many lives as possible. He don't have to be rich you. It doesn't make any difference if your core doesn't make any difference if you're black or white. You can control. Nobody can take this away from this Nobody can take this commitment away from you to be a positive change agent to be a positive difference maker to be kind of people. It might not change the world. But if you say one might. That one life will have a rippling effect, and it'll save another license another life another life, and before you know, it will wake up one morning. And we will have made significant change into into world in this place we call America. That's what I would not do as you say what can, Persian Jew. That's my answer to that that the public statement thing honestly I'd kind of grown, were of corporate and organizational speed got enough. In, my attended most of its insincere, anyway and blacks and substance coming. These statements are really solution based. In a so called statements to me in many ways are very evidence of our. Inability, to tell the truth What what do you? What do you mean by, is it? There's a there's a difference tim between his statement and the message see that's the thing everybody runs around. I can't believe how many corporate as Organizational people feel like they have to make a statement I've had friends called and say hey, I got make a statement..

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