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From Life, end up as shadow figures but I. don't I've never had that experience cuts? A ghost, if you WANNA look like a shadow person. Lack is definitely a slamming color so there you go. They WANNA look. I wear black all the time I mean. Come on. For my future! Californian is. No matter, how hot against you're like cans. Shadowed with the hat. He has personality all right he has. To follow, it is the feather. It enhances his jaw line so. You're. People you're right people. The fears that thing that I pops up in your mind and people immediately, and this is I. Bring this onto a lot of these ghost hunting shows. Do you know they say? It's either you know and and I would always ask what. What did this thing due to you? It just stood there, and then it disappeared. I'm like Oh. Yeah? That's the first place anyone goes and yeah, that's something to like in terms of I remember when you first messaged to me like. Ages ago about Charlie Chaplin thing? And you asked me. I think just flat out like Charlie. Chaplin hunting the school and I think I. Remember saying something along the lines of like their spirits everywhere all. Like they are all around us. You know it's like almost everywhere haunted to me. You know. Bashed Schilling here in Hollywood which. We could jump into right now, so let's go into this next chapter. You're packing up. You're ready to go to Hollywood. You're going to go to the school. You move into the dormitories and you guys are the first. Class of students to move into these dorms, an inst- I want to say I think a month into it, and maybe for you. Peyton was probably shorter than that that people started experiencing something unusual in the dormitories, and you instantly have the answer to a lot of what's going on because you're like. Yeah, there's a lot of. Things here. Let's put it. You know properly. Yell, so tell us about this transition into Hollywood in. And what happened in the dorms? I had like you know. Let's say I'm packing up. I was super excited to come to la I actually haven't considered at all that. Historic plays in that I might encounter that..

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