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Now three hours ago before the weekend. And again, it's the dark is our little clubhouse. We're all kind of together in this. Black ten called night. I like it. Glad you're here. That of comfy, isn't it may not for you. Come for me. It feels. Nice they time irritating. Right. You kind of forget about the daytime, and then go to the store and daytime. Oh my God. Rick, get on the, t the daytime Balan for seats baby carriages in the bus. Traffic traffic, just fantastic. We had two guys Winnick coming guests, by the way, that's podcast. I think you'd like the puck. Cast Jay talking podcast. This is a good one too. Mike Avello gets back. He's gonna post it. He'll be a good one to listen to also we had our strana guys last week. I think. That's podcast as well as the Jay talking podcast. So we talked about music and life. But those guys were it moved me to talk about you and music. And maybe what history you've played or wanted to play dreamed of playing maybe dabbled with maybe you could again, you know, if you had dreamed about it or if you do dream about it, it's not too late. It just is not too late. You say, maybe I'm too old say, sixty five say, you're seventy right. Two, I can't play the guitar too late to start you know what happened if you don't. Next year you'll be seventy one and you still won't play the guitar. But if you started right now. And you buckled down in a year. You could be pretty darn good. You really good. It's just a matter of starting and Evan disciplined to get going all the way into it. You really could do it, this time next year, you could be playing the piano, he could be playing guitar or bass. The harmonica we, we talked to a guy earlier had play the Monica. Because of Jay Gyles. How is pretty cool because you can take it anywhere. You can take it on a trip in your pocket. It can take to work. I guess depending on your job. I could play the Monica here. I have a base here been so busy lately. I don't have time. I think maybe I'll come in on a weekend night. When Morgan's ear crank up, the, the base play along with my favorite songs for five hours. It's a joy. It's a joy just to be playing bass along with your favorite songs Bank. Gang afor very base forward bands play with a pick. They do and makes me feel cool even by myself playing along. It's it's tonic for the soul. And if you souls, healthy it helps your body too. So speaking of hi, Monica, guess who? Just kind of a coincidence, guess who came to town today? Two. There was supposed to come. The plan was they were coming in. I don't know if it actually happened that probably did a very famous. I'm Monica player and maker. You probably wouldn't guess. So I'll tell you Lee. Oscar the guy in war. Cisco kid that are Monica player. Where was he was gonna show up Mr. music, I was thinking of going over. But then. Was not able to do that. Pretty cool, right? Leo's. I've always liked the Oscar. So when I heard he was going to be there. It's kinda surprised. I didn't realize is on the line of our monitor our monikers. Six seven two five four ten thirty. What did you play when you kid? Did you play something school if you could play? Now, just say if you could what would you love to play? Did you ever play in a band? I love to hear about your experiences. Planina ban is interesting. I got into way late in life. That's one of my things I'd do differently. When I was a kid, I didn't realize the possibilities. No one kept me from anything but. No one may Munis tan. Well, hey, Brad, be an event, you can get girls could become a rockstar. Nobody made me understand that. To later on the figure it out. If I if I had to do it over, I would be a singer of comfortable as a front guy. I'm comfortable in front of big giant crowds. I guess from being on the radio and I don't play anything very well. It's really too hard. I like singing feel most comfortable doing it. That's what I would do. Another related thing if you do play an instrument and you are in a band. It's, it's good to learn to make video yourself. Because no one's going to do it for you. It's a giant pain to try to get somebody to make video for you. Hey, can you come in, you have to pay them, the beg them? Whatever it's just a bad, you need to learn how to do it yourself and you can do that pretty easily with I move. Because it's all about self promotion. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Oh, yeah. Related to music. I just happened to be. Going through. Looking at media has USA today, and I came across the what hundred absolute best songs in history. And I said to myself, no way. No way, this is going to be a stupid list, and it really wasn't that stupid. But when I ask you just for a little while here, I'm gonna give you this list. You tell me when you get to somebody that should not be on it. Definitely. Okay. You don't have to tell me your favorites. Tell me somebody when you get when I get to on this should not be on there. We'll take it off. It's up to you to just tell me off take it off. Ready? It's kind of fun because a lot of songs you haven't thought about, and you're gonna go. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's a good one. Are you ready? Then I will begin. One hundred best songs in history, according to this article. Twenty four twenty four seven Wall Street is determined the one hundred absolute best songs of all time by creating an index based on sales for the Recording Industry Association of America, billboard performance number of cover versions, and recognition, among music fans. That's kind of fuzzy area there. Right. Rookie vision among music fans scroll through to learn more. Okay. Here we go. Number one hundred kung FU fighting. All right. I'm not going to remove that everybody was kung FU fighting them cats was fast as lightning. Carl douglas. All right, next. Here's one that I really agree with it should be on this list spirit in the sky. Norman Greenbaum nineteen seventy. Total weeks on billboard? Hot one hundred fifteen weeks number of times covered thirty-five. Again, his, another killer everyday people sly, family stone, sixty eight now I wouldn't have chosen that song, I love. Thank you for letting me be myself. It gives me goosebumps. I love it. That can stay on there. I'm not gonna limit that right. Jump. Van Halen you know what I'm gonna go? I'm gonna just take that right off. Do you agree with me lose that? Toto africa. I don't know that song, isn't that weird? We never we didn't really play too. I just know the hold the line. Band of gold artist. Freda payne. I honestly love you. Livia Newton John nineteen seventy four..

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