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Slash update right yeah bbut many i get tired of he was that you will you opened higher on rams all year you were high on a ramble you saw their wrecker we sit here we watched his team in i'm still in shock and every week when things happen i'm i'm shocked they went into seattle and played the way they did they made russell wilson they made that team looked frustrated i never seen that before the hour on the side i think seattle's on their deathrow s voyages boom that that seattle squad as we know what i think is coming to the all errors come to an end outside of new england at some point those runs come to an end you get old you don't replenish your ranks right and a teams around you get better every single year than all of a sudden you're an afterthought and i think the rams of a new kids on the block and their young so you're gonna ride this out so i i'm not surprised by by by how well this team is performing when you the thing that really shocks me probably as hell fast jeered gough started the look like a pro bowl quarterback while that was surprising yes yeah i mean by but you heard about this in washington with with kirk cousins and when you did talk about kirk cousin the next were not your mouth was usually sean mcveigh he was a quarterback whisper then you watch him through training camp with jerry gough wall it's no surprise will that's how her cousins got to be a 20milliondollar quarterback maybe you're gava said in the right direction but we all new todd girlie was going to be a beast in the right offense with the right coordinator with the right offense of line no shock that he is let loose in the nfl shamanee culture.

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