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Madrid, Guillem Ramos, Real Madrid discussed on The Real Madrid Podcast


Your Ramos as be making all of the headlines this week after president Perez revealed that he allegedly asked to leave for nothing on a thirty million European deal to go to China. Now, there's been a hastily arranged press conference that ramp Madrid says year, Ramos Sapir two nights to say that he will be staying at Real Madrid at he added too far from asking to be let go for no money. He would play for rail Madrid for free. The also went on to add that, yes, he did have a meeting. I put a proposal on the table. He said talked to the coach and the president of we talked about it, it didn't mean I wanted to go, and I did not want to leave for free. We have to have clarity on these things. He said said, people have no doubt. I wanted to retire here. I want to spend the rest of my career here onto discuss his relationship with that an e says we have a father, so. Son, relationship am I love him. Very much this all came about, after there had been plenty of rumors circulating in the last couple of days that there were other reasons for Ramos southern desire to leave Madrid, the offering as we said was thirty million per season, from China, and it was said that he had been accruing significant dents of time off to some less than prudent investments with some suggestion that he owed the bank's an alleged thirty five million. Euro now there's plenty of reaction beginning to filter in after that press conference. Not all of it is positive, and in rambles favor, it's long been known that he had been looking for a contractor improvements. And thus far that had been nothing for coming up with the image arrival of has Artem potentially other big names. He would be slipping down the pace Guillem Ramos was known not to be a tool. Happy about somebody just arriving at the. Club. I'm taking the mantra of the club's highest paid

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