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Ko Phi Sunny Tomorrow Attempts low eighties too up from nineties This report is brought to you by all state from the Southern California Toyota dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We have a stall on the 1 10 in south L. A. This one is along the south bound side coming up on Manchester Avenue. They're clearing it out of the second lane from the left big delays air loading up getting away from the 10 Let's check out the drive in Pasadena. We've got Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. We've had some troubles. Here are the two kit westbound just to Pasadena. They're just starting about Sierra Madres Gabriel Boulevard. Looks like they have cleared lane instead of recovery. Boat back door tonic coming out of Arcadia that should recover fairly quickly as the 2 10 East that is amazingly good right now pretty much wide open from the Rose Bowl out through the 605 Just get sluggish there from the 605 overthrew Citrus and once again a picture to write in their liver area off 57 over the Foothill Boulevard, also a problem clearing up on the 10 An East Better Pacific that is added to a slow drive from a brown Pacific overthrew the Ozuna exit there, too, about stickers with at least introduce accident. There's a superwoman superlawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien, KF I And this guy this after two sponsored by big O tires, K a pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Bring your vehicle to the team you trust at Bigelow tires now save up the $150 with installation purchase on select sets of four tyres using your big O tires Credit card. Find your nearest location, visit big o tires dot com A lot of uncertainty right now, none of us can see into the future. And it's a good bet, though. With the whole family home. You're next electricity bill is not going to be smaller than the last one. We got to get prepared for these higher bills. The rate hikes the power outages with solar MAX technology. They're offering a Tesla power wall to battery backup for only 99 99.

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