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I think that was the most they ever found from him just vaporized oh but yeah it's hard core stuff you know at least you know in that sense he someone accounted for i mean we we know what happened to him and can offer the family some sort of closure but i mean as grisly business you know and you know my hat is often any of the people who go out there and recover the remains of these guys and bring them back home oh yeah yeah you know in we have the sf aso a joint this is called the sf aso a joint peel and mike and mike taylor is the chairman of that committee and in january mike went back to be and there's a pitcher in the senate which you got your your phone with your not just pictures of mike sitting in a standing in laos the peel wnba fly in this one t the gotta be like thirty five to forty people clogging the local people are as well as the train rienzie of specialist team members as one site and it is it's hard work and but these people are so motivated they really do a great job and they're really dedicated mike was just it completely blown away dedicated to the mission i'm trying to open this attachment right now john key talked to us a little bit about as you mentioned one of your buddies going over to vietnam and he met with the nba sog hoya team that's pretty surreal introduction introduction was was very good thank you we had the secret war for eight years from sixty four or seventy two and by time to island there in sixty eight we had it first inch all reports got the north vietnamese army had developing saffir teens that were designed to hunt for and kill just the americans or not out of recon team that was their sole mission in life so we had until reports cetera forty fifty thousand nba laos and cambodia barry from fifty a hundred thousand plus in cambodia that we're in the sanctuary invest in sixty eight.

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