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Coverage sponsored by Anthology senior Living of King of Prussia, former President Barack Obama hosting a driving rally in South Philly this evening at Citizens Bank Park. He's tryingto generate a big get out the vote effort for his ex VP Joe Biden. Mr Obama had previously has previously held only virtual campaign events not yet appeared in person can use. Andrew Kramer live in South Philly, where he's making that campaign debut. Andrew Yes, Steve, And that campaign has in the several 100 cars that were here for this rally are making their way right now out of the Citizen's bank parking lot. They were all here to see Barack Obama spoke for about 30 minutes trying to get people to vote for Joe Biden and calm Villa Harris wrapped up A little while ago. During this rally, former president Obama said the country needs to reclaim its values and to do that, he told everyone here they need to get out and vote. He said. Don't wait until election day to do it, do it tomorrow. Even if you haven't voted already touched on Obamacare and how President Trump has spent his entire term trying to remove it. He also talked about the importance of protesting racial injustice, and it sounded like his biggest reaction from this crowd came when he mentioned the Black lives matter Protests and when I say reaction, I mean a mix of our cheers and hogs. This was a drive in rally, People were asked to stay in their cars. Some did and honked when they like they heard others. Once former president Obama came out. A lot of people.

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