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Slash video slash around the NFL, I want the if you watch watch you'll be the first people to ever watch these videos to check it out. It's like, here's the good news fans of our show. We're going to give you more and more content. The bad news, we're gonna make it harder and harder for you to find. If you want to it's like a egg hunt. If you wanna hear west trench and takes on the week seventeen players of the week, go check it out. There you go before we leave. I did send out a mailbag prompt from the around the NFL Twitter handle. Start with you on this one Mark now that the brand this from Ryan he'll now that the Brown's got their head coach who would Mark like to see the DC an older former head coach Alloway Phillips or a younger DC candidate. Bill belichick. These taken Bill Parcells he's old and retired. Nobody really jumps to be honest. Like, I would want someone that's not going to, you know, get I I want someone who's not gonna fight with the with with kitchens and the rest, you don't have a pipeline to all the best linebackers. Coach is in the NFL. I just seems like they, you know, you're safe say hepker Johnson like oh, good. Good idea. There's some share DNA there. Remember kitchens worked under Bill Parcells west could be parcels this from Kayla Kalem, Leslie, which one of the hires. Do you think has the biggest chance of backfiring? Do you think there's a real chance any of them are out of job again in twelve months? I think honestly that the Bruce Arians higher has the best chance of backfiring. Because because of his health issues, and if he if something happens, and then you have an inexperienced coaching staff behind him. I think that's how you end up with three and third, and he he said in his first comments the whole thing. The whole franchise will be built around James one. That's the other cat you're counting on that to work. That makes also James Winston one of the biggest winners of the off season. But it also means if he continues to be the guy he's been for the last four years, you're right back where you started right? Good job. Good mailbag. Do one more one more. I mean to feels a little light. Mailbag? And I thought you keep these no it's like a male back, right? Unless I thought you guys are going to just go back and forth. I mean, I'm thinking like someone heavy bag of mail like west used to. Oh, you assaulted come up with. It's more of though that would be like a good job. I was my answer as well. Yeah. All right. Vampire little bit. Mark. Let me find one more, Greg. How you doing over there? Hello, my baby. Hello. Madonna floor is French for the flower. Math. We've never podcast before. Really, this is this is cut territory. There may be you know, post show yarder who is handle be author PR. Piatra? He is not Peter at is survived. Oh and sixteen with Jim Bob cooter out in Detroit who's likely to replace him. Jed clampett, John boy, Walton Bo Duke or a member of the country there champ. Got less got good. That was. Yeah. I was like jed clampett. Petrie has got some chops last question real question. Greg Todd rice asks what does the hiring Bruce Arians mean for the quarterback situation? Tampa Bay better you feel better about James Watson. There's a long-term doubt. No doubt the way the airlines talked about it on Wednesday. Is that they're they're all in with James Winston, if you if you believe in Jameis Winston like I do that. He's still has a chance to be still believe good starter. He saw it that he can be better that he can be either solid. It's fair. It's also the GM picked and the GM is still around a referendum to keep using Jameis Winston who's had more turnovers than anyone in the league since he's been drafted. It all makes sense. But he also is accomplished a lot of a four year ends rookie contract. There's been a lot worse. Put it that way. All right. There you go. Thank you. Everybody sent in questions. We will be back tomorrow with our divisional round playoff preview. Now, I said wild card weekend is one of the best weekends of the year and the NFL. The best weekend is divisional playoff weekend..

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