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Wlw 50 degrees right now, right eyes Clear Well, though, says that police firing range being moved out of even. Dale has a special meeting tonight at six at City Hall to talk about the future of the facility where police officers trained for 70 years. People who live near it say the noise had become so bad. It sounds like a war zone in their neighborhood. Married John Cranley says the city's offered to sell the property of the city of even Dale but haven't been able to work out a deal. That purchase offer has been in their corner for a long time. So I wanted to be clear to everybody. That we're more than willing to sell the gun range. If even Dale is willing to move it, and frankly, we would be willing to move on price. But what we can't move on is having an alternative location that they helped pay for insecure. To protect her place for another alternative being talked about the completely enclosed the gun rage and say that could cost up to $3 million person's dead after shooting and call Rane Township Police say he was killed in a drive by on Royal Heights Drive will rain, Township police chief Mark Danny says there's no reason for neighbors to be worried that they feel contained and they don't feel there's any danger to the area Last night shooting on Royal Heights Drive off Galbreath Road in Gross back killed 29 year old Brandon Kelly of College Hill. The last letter, also her gunshots. He was on patrol and unable to respond with about a minute of the shooting, and you've got the victim waiting Street Chief Danny says his officer tried to save the victim's life with CPR, but he died on the scene. Right now. We're not sure. Matt Reese News radio 700 WLW people lined up outside the Board of Elections officers across Ohio today to take part in early voting. Early voting for the November election began eight o'clock this morning goes until five this afternoon continues every day this week from 8 to 5 Brand new poll in the race for the White House, taken right after the first presidential debate now give Joe Biden his biggest lead over President. Trump's CNN survey of 1000 likely voters shows Biden up 16 points. Delta is now a major hurricane storm threatening the Gulf coast of Louisiana. Could bring rain into the tri state by Sunday expected Delta to move into Gulf of Mexico by midweek, But first we have hurricane warnings in effect for the Yucatan peninsula and parts of Cuba. It is rapidly strengthening, though, so Delta is expected to become a major hurricane by Wednesday, even possibly Tuesday night into Wednesday, with winds up to 120 MPH as it passes in between. You can Tan Peninsula in Cuba on Tuesday night through Wednesday. That's ABC is meteorologist Melissa Griffin. Twice as many people be in the next Bangles home game of Paul Brown Stadium. The Ohio Department help now says the team can have up to 12,000 fans when they take on the Browns. October the 25th our next updates at 12 30. Brian Copes NewsRadio senator WW. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com. The next step for your business is finding.

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