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Mandela how long we will keep doing this you've done it on the radio the next radio his bill very simple really is still a great quarterback next year and we will have proven me wrong not so he will leave right loves have comic gone right man has threats threats he is fresh off a two hundred yards a we'll see what donald trump so in other words between now and next year that's not the 1890s of we always you knowledge the as worthy super bowl in the history of i think there's never been a worse the feds maybe the super bowl you're right about that but let me takes up the man i was that the nfc championship game standard right on a forty your la liga financial feel i never saw minnesota look that bad all year long they look luli got off what what happened in a nick falls this past completed six seventy one percent of his passes has over seven hundred yards the last to get the he's sit back their taken pitches call in a wife asking how to child is doing all he throws up happening quarterback activites tom brady right notes operate how many how many quarterbacks played in last night's game two it'll who won the mvp so i had to give it its own body and then you take wins the went into the win in other words america were better for you this is the same max keller meant that set up there said look broad should have won the mvp the year cleveland lost in the finals but now based on nick fold winning but when it was lebron launching oh he deserted for different reasons they coast over the rain over the play in the same place your all over not at all in great by any there aren't there there is no wants.

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