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Yes very saga stop stop look back clearly wasn't me i hit the high notes way better than whoever that was now let me just finish the recording jelly so obvious jonathan there okay fine you got me i was proud that i had stumped some of the listeners but i am equally proud of how so many solved it great work everybody and actually there were no bad answers even if you didn't send in the answer that i was looking for a lot of you came up with really clever interesting ways to solve the puzzle so i really appreciate everybody taking a crack at solving the puzzle in great work and to all of you who solved it will give a shout out at the end of the episode now if you remember what happened in the last episode finn was in front of a pool or a well in the town square of a strange plan and he had to come up with something to say to help break the spell placed on page and abigail by those weird repeating aliens we'll find out what happens in this season three episode five of the ailing adventures of the caspian the mighty king zia's soon finn tried to focus he stared at his reflection in the water it rippled with the tiny echoes of the last thing he said put the aliens had said not to say something to say it they said what was it he could barely thick now it felt like his brain was being swept up into a net it wouldn't be long before he was just like them what could he say to break their spell.

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