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And make sure you talk to them and make sure they know that there's a problem in between there and they will be able to help you fix that. I don't know what would cause that to happen other than The slut. The slab in the driveway have sunk a little bit. Okay now see, but not enough that the two foundation people that have come both agree that it's not neither has sunk enough there. There the concern, But there's that space in between now deal with that, though. If they're sinking, something is eroding underneath him. All right, and just threw reason they haven't sunk enough is because of their head. They haven't had enough time to sink more. They're gonna keep sinking. It's not like We went in and we're going to stop something underneath them is eroding and in the ground underneath, and that's what's causing the sink. Ege. I was in the pool sink, Ege. Oh, shrinkage. Just that's what's causing the sink. Ege is something underneath there right down. Sorry. I just do that. I don't know what's going on. But you die. Grab I go, but I I'm going to die Aggressing, but something underneath that part of the slab and the driveway is eroding away. Um, I don't know if you had half a guard out there. But they have a process that they can drill a little hole in your in your foundation or your driveway and fill it back up with grout. All right. Which takes the erosion out and it kind of floats everything back up into place, and that might be a step in the process of securing this all back in place. If you just let it go, it's going to keep thinking and thinking. It just happened. It just hasn't sunk enough yet because it hasn't been enough time. Yeah, I've called Aqua Guard, but they couldn't even have someone come look at it till early February, I would get on their list. On had that fixed because the last thing you want to do is fix the column and still have the erosion going on, because that's not gonna help anything. It's just going to tear it back up and You know, even if it's only going a quarter inch a year, that's this year and the next year Maybe he's a half inch in Austin. It's a big drain under there, as the dirt washes out, and then you have a big problem, so I would have that fixed first. Then I would have the the Think secured back into your garage floor. That makes sense. Yes, it does. Talkto overhead garage stories of Atlanta, but talkto like they're people that build garages. Yeah, okay. And and call the Aqua Guard people and have them come out and Tom Tom, you're interested in there. Polly level is a poly level. Polly seal. New guy, New guy. Oh, he's working. I think it's the poly level. Or that they did They call it policy on I'm and I I'm a spokesman from them, and I can never keep that straight. I have an assistant is a poly level or Polly seals. It's the poly level day following level. No, you go. You got it from the expert. He's in charge of Polly level. So tell me what you want. That's what you want out. You make it quicker service for that, Because it's a different branch of Michael Guard. They may be able to come out and it's It's not real expensive and they get everything back in and it gets everything back the way it needs to be. Okay. Perfect. Thank you so much. We've had have been befuddled by the whole thing. So thank you. Thank you, Linda. Good luck. Moral 487207 50 is the number I She could have done that herself. Yeah, she couldn't know. Maybe she couldn't have I'm here. We're doing the way. Yeah, I really did That segment of the home. Fix it. So for all 487207 50 is the number gin and Alfa Rhetta. Is it, Jin? Jim. Oh, Jim, Roxanne wrote G I n Enjoy show day. I know your brother Bourbon. Yeah, very 1980. I was remodeling the house indicator 1000 Square feet and we were decided to get ambitious and tear the upslope floor furnace out and put in a central system in the end under the cross place, Yeah. We took at the furnace and I said Okay, Now we got to patch the floor. Whether where the oth Oh, great was so I got some things. This is overflowing. So I bought smoke. Floyd put it in there, patched it. Couple months later, I sold the house and then you ever said I'm gonna re finish my floors. I'm gonna send them down and stain them. I said that that's up to you. It's yours. She did it and then she called me up, said there's something wrong here in the home. What is this patches? This is a well I'll come see Sure enough. The stain was the same. But the floor texture was all different. One was considerably dark and when was white and I says I have to see what's wrong and found out that I'd patch the White outflow floor with red oak or red oak floor with white hope. I said, Well, what you need to have in this hall is.

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