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I think with this death i though don't know much about winnie but i do know a nuff to understand it somebody who heads made such an impact where well her i'll name echo work and new you said in terms what she of did educating during her time ourselves on this earth because has resonated with something people obviously worldwide i think when maybe now obviously but growing that alwaise up i like learned news it makes me day wanna in learn everybody a more bit was to about wearing nossa this because mandel phenomenal in a woman bit about cert apartheid we like do have literally but our is every one of icons the major situations slave yom's here grown on whether timeless like be so new it was like you'll you saying can't cultural as escape far activists these as things or so celebrities i think ever that's in a great america thing but like now whenever because somebody is made such an for impact this next in generation i do they fila will certain be type away that hopefully i don't know more more about educated her because in i more especially inspired now to learn when on you're on on social media we from always talk for about me how you i can't think really that their reason that what i love what was her the so verb much is i use is you can't ironically like probably hide the same from reason topics that you guys anymore don't know a so lot is about not like her one of those things were back today and it's twofold you see i the think that alert often times that i'm somebody dies in you re like a low in payer the graphing civil a rights move on movement his like and i'm when going to something use that from happens a global ear scrolling construct nine your time line they're going to keep on reminding you the like something role of women something is downplayed happened like today was number miami one angelou's birthday number two specifically as it relates to winnie manella and i mean this with actually notice respect anyone but winnie mandela is it just as important if not more important than end nelson mandela now thing mandela was in jail for i think offs how my head twentyseven years.

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