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Like for a while. The Nationals and Orioles. We're going to lose their respective games by the exact same score. The Nats, though, had 1/9 inning rally to beat the Mets 43. They steal his second victory in the five game series. Patrick Corbin didn't get the win. But he says it was a victory of sorts, just lasting seven innings at a time when the bullpen is overworked. Yeah, I mean, we're trying to throw a complete game every time we're out there, at least I am and I want to go over 100 pitches every game. Sometimes in the nationally they hit for you, or maybe the games, just not going the way you like, but I want the ball until I can't throw anymore, And that's why I thought it was huge to just get through that seventh even though I think I did my most pitches today, and that ending Kyle Finnegan got the win as the lone reliever to get in the game. But the hero is Carter Key boom with the walk off single in the bottom of the ninth. No such heroics up in Baltimore, the Orioles opened their home stand with the 32 loss to the Royals and so ends a two game win streak at the US Open, Topsy Novak Djokovic getting quite the challenge here from American Jen's Jensen Brooks B. He dropped the first set. 61 did Djokovic but now leads a long second set five to Now they're at ash courts. The the highlight of Monday practice for the Washington football team, the return of receiver Curtis Samuel from a lingering groin injury. His status, though for Sunday season opener against the Chargers. Still in question, The Ravens have reportedly agreed to a four year contract extension with pro Bowler Mark Andrews worth $56 million with more than 37 million and guarantees. That now makes him the among the top three highest paid tight ends in the NFL. And can it happens on his 26th birthday? I can confidently say I did not get anything so great. On my 26th birthday thing. I got a flat tire on my birthday I got then that was my old, rickety car. I I did the same thing, actually. But that was this year. That was way after 26 Rob would fork w t o p sports traffic and weather just ahead. It's 8 47 if you're working in the Washington, D C metropolitan.

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