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Month featuring a strangled oceans Palm Beach stand a better shape have you I'm here's a ratio back quite as cold tonight sunny and not quite as chilly tomorrow will move up into the low seventies for a couple days Friday and Saturday a storm for Oscar Sunday generally light event starting Sunday afternoon blasting through Tuesday the bulk of it on Monday according to the coast of the valleys up to a half inch of the hills snow at this level that means thirty five hundred feet this is for Tolman with NBC four New right now in Cerritos fifty four found valley fifty three Manhattan Beach fifty five weekly local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I made a reset by air by AM six forty gun was shown somebody let with listening to the dueling banjos were playing and sent me this link it's the Guinness world record fastest banjo player in the world name is Todd Taylor Todd it Taylor and stuff find out how quickly how fast this guy plays the banjo pretty good yeah well completed shaky that's the same one that had all the sour cream no different glow okay yeah my uncle by time my uncle breasts the hand hi he had all the the vodka my uncle my uncle I.

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