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We need to have a an in with the average consumer or the mass market, or the moms and the pops to have them understand how we want this to go because I think it's still them that can make this movement progress. I, I think it was one of my gripes is that I just mentioned Laura, shin, and Laura is one of the only people in Aaron, Paul and Matthew area, and actually are one of the only people that use our real names in the crypto. He's you have people that are really vocal, great followers great ideas thought leaders, and they go by bit demi-god or crypto frog or bitcoin, Batman, and you're like, yeah, these are representatives to the masses. So when is bitcoin Batman going to start saying, hey, I'm Bruce Wayne. Take off the column, the Cape and start. Talking to the average consumer because, hey, you know what we need your help in is fun as an as entertaining as bitcoin Batman might be. He is not going to be taken serious by the media, the people, the mom and pop investors, or the conservative investor that says, hey, you know what I work hard for my money. I've been doing this for thirty years at my company to set up by to pay off my house to set a little bit of pension my 401K and now I have bitcoin Batman saying that this is the next big thing. Yeah, that's painful. I mean, it was a documentary on CNBC and it was it was like a crypto documentary, and I, I was really excited and then half the the documentary is really good. It's like follows a lot of the players in crypto, but but half the documentary was about some guy named crypto kid, you know, who lives in a tree house and as you know, very eccentric. Like none of that is bringing credibility in. It seems like those are the stories. Is that the media seems to Guam onto in. We're just not going to be able to get real credibility with that, so that's got to be addressed. So with that being said, I feel like we've circled back around to how do we get the average person in to the space is one we talked about, we gotta get them access to it. They have to be able to use it and we have to have professional representatives. Average professional representatives representing them and talking to them in encouraging them and getting them into the space and letting them have a real look and went. We're talking about gripes because seems to be the subject matter. Man, I hate the modern media. I cannot stand the modern media and you had Ray redacted on awesome on crypto, wanna one. Awesome. Because Ray said, look, love the space. I'm paraphrasing love the space, do your own research, but he, I think math. You. He might have been one of the first people I've listened to so many episodes, but one of the first people that I can remember clearly who said, but you really need to look at the other side. You need to read that book by that guy was like, it's never gonna work in come to your own conclusion, but there's so much of the institutional. There's no question that there's manipulation in this market. No question. So if there's no question that there's manipulation in this market, if some people, if there's some subset of people who are so wealthy, who can control that market from Wall Street that Saint money's controlling the media. So if you hate, if you don't want those guys there, why are you listening to the to the buddies their financing? I wanted to stop there. Real quick is an answer that one. Why are we? This is the buddies as finding financing, why we listen to the buddies that are in the media because that is what we just said. A Representative is crippled kid living in a frigging tree house, but you know, it's really hard to get. The average person to not look at, you know, CNN or CNBC or Forbes, or what have you and CNN just the other day, I think it was just yesterday put out a headline that says, guys bitcoin went to half million dollars, then lost it all and you off at all. I saw that it's it's fricking impossible that he lost it all. If he was invested in the bitcoin, if he bought a month before it's all time high, he bought a seven thousand nine hundred..

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