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I don't know where that's going from. Because i think it's just purely people guessing but i've seen a number of sites run that headline z. Flip three thousand dollars. Less right in thirteen hundred. Wasn't i believe it started at thirteen fifty or and then i think you can get it now for twelve hundred dollars but yeah that would certainly be. I think it's important for them to get the z. Flip down to a thousand so that they could Like you know they could. They could push the default even more. Yeah i don't think z. Fold is moving from that. Roughly two thousand dollars price point right. I think that's they planned to their stake in the ground if you want the of quote unquote best phone in the universe with every feature. Possibly you know on the phone. That's the price you're paying. But i think there's probably some fertile ground in between that thousand two thousand dollars price point. They could fill out with different z. Flip variances different z. Full variance a lot of sort of room to play in there. I'm just really excited. I at this point obviously have a huge list of things. I'd love to see on the flip. Three like one hundred and twenty hertz. Improves cameras better battery. Life actually had an unrelated problem. Sort of what. We're talking about the flip. I had my first ninety crash. I had my first like real limit. With what the z. Flip can do the other day. So i the how much use split-screen i don't use it at enormous amount leaflet. Because even though it's a taller displayed still obviously. It's not like the fold where you have like. Essentially to smartphone displays side by side kind of like a one and a half display right on on new flip. I threw questionable amounts of planning had to calls to be on at the same time. I had a briefing. And i had a colony to be on so mr genius here. It was like okay was perfect. I'll have the video briefing on the split screen. And i'll have it muted so i could just watch the slides. Everything and on the bottom. I'll be on my actual call right. This is i think gumi call something on the calls video at the same time. It lasts about ten minutes for z. Flip it goes. Hey your phones too hot. We're going to close your multi window. I'd never had that happen before. So it was very warm to the touch. It was very warm because obviously you hold it from the bottom so all the guts from the top so the top of the phone was quite toasty but i was like this is a great thing if it would have actually not just closed it on me so yeah. Maybe a little bit more thermal screen. Oh actually you have. Differing considerations were questioned little concerning. Maybe but yeah. There's a lot of things. I'd love to see z. Flip three. i'm just really happy z. Flip through very much. Seems like it's happening and now that we're seeing the beginning of the leaks test driver squad needs to be ready because we're gonna be doing updates. Every episode ephraim morsel of information on breaking emergency episodes. What was the expectation for when they would be.

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