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Five a.m. from the Santilli shopping center here adjacent to the Dulles Expo Center. We have an adult Hispanic male shot and killed suffered from several gunshot wounds, Defects county police chief Kevin Davis. Not only are we looking for Crime scene evidence, But we're looking for cameras that are available for us to go review. He's hopeful surveillance cameras in these businesses could show the victim or suspicious vehicles and potential suspect in Chantilly, Neil Organ, Steen W. T. O P. News for 20 to 136 years after he was dragged from a jail cell and lynched by a body, a mob of white men. 50 m or a 15 year old Tallis and boy will be remembered with a marker and a ceremony. The black teens name was Howard Cooper, and it only took minutes for an all white jury to convict him of raping a white teenager, even though the girl didn't testify that she'd been attacked. Morrow's remembrance of Cooper's part of an effort by the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project. House Speaker Adrienne Jones will talk about it. She is the first black person to lead the Maryland House. For 23 Craft beer is not often synonymous with black culture. But the Guinness Brewery outside of Baltimore is trying to change that. It's now offering a special syriza of beers aimed at finding social justice. The Guinness brewery outside Baltimore serves up a big array of beers, including a line that does more than just celebrate black culture. These are Stories that are important that our impactful that are delicious. Ryan Wagner is an ambassador for Guinness, which is donating profits from this line of black culture inspired beers to the Baltimore based Jobs Opportunities Task Force, a group that combines job training and advocacy for social justice issues. These are issues that businesses corporations, they historically have never been interested in. Quite honestly, they're interest level has been one of opposition here in York is the CEO of J O T F the first beer to come from this is titled See Us. So Ours was a sweet potato. Pie inspired brown ale. Jackie wants he helped create it. The more bridges we build in the more conversations we have, the better off this world in our communities will be at the Guinness Brewery. John Doman. W T o P News. I'm next in money news. What could be DC's prices? Condos? I'm Jeff label. It's for 24 Silver Diner. Spring menu has something for everyone from the new vegan Beyond meat, meatless tacos to the locally sourced tenderloin steak free to the season. Watermelon and shrimp salad. And if that doesn't make you hungry? How about one of silver diners? Famous milkshakes? They are so big..

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