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They must have got him in the back of the neck. It's he's revving it there. It was deflected on its way down. Purpose salad do not know where the park was. He could even see it hit him right in the back of the neck as he was trying to scream. Thomas from going out into the front of the net, and that's what they do. See, they're letting that shot come from the point. So they're trying to make sure that that man doesn't get to the front of the net. And that's what makes it that difficult team to play against because they do those little things very, very well. Columbus was fifth in the regular season last year and block shots. That is a staple of a Tortorella coach team. Face up will be in the Columbus and the whistle was blown due to the Del Asado. Injury. He looks like he's okay sitting on the bench, shaking it off. He looks like Robbie DiMaio, the old player. On. And of course, he ended up in Philly as well. But Tyler Johnson and don't need to the left of Korpisalo. And it's one by Columbus. Gawronski grabs on his back and pops it out had been knocks it down. Leaves it for corn. Right wing Tyler Johnson couldn't control it. Seth Jones will reverse it for Domi. Closet in His head. Winks a rally to center ice golfs it forward to the Columbus Zone. Seth Jones cuts it off. Hearing of the left wing. Flips it to the red Line. The pockets played by Victor Hedman for young Ruda. Bruno will chop it back into the Columbus defense event. Really 3.5 minutes gone in the second.

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