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Like I'm just watching basketball. And so I'm not picking up the emotions of the locker room and the relationships that have to be managed and trying to run sets. But certain guys can't do certain things like I have a hard time really diving down that rabbit hole and saying a guy needs to get fired. I watch a lot of Sacramento Kings games. There was not a single Sacramento Kings game that I watched last year where I didn't think they got to get this guy out of here as it pertained to Luke Walton. There wasn't a single game where I go Luke's really got him cooking tonight. Every single game it was. What the hell is this? This is the most disorganized, nonsensical team. I've ever seen. This is bad coaching. He is the textbook example of doesn't know what he's doing with this squad. Watch the team win 60 games this year because I just said that. But like, it is incredible. Credit to Luke Walton, who apparently can not be fired for any reason because I can think of about 20 right now that I would have fired him for already. Yeah. I know they were other than that. Good luck to them. I know they went on like they won 6 out of 7 late. I mean, they beat like a always a great standard. Underman Lakers team, they beat the thunder who were tanking. They beat a pacers team that I don't want to be here anymore was the epitome of that team by the end of the year. And they beat the thunder so much shit on them. In that 6 of 7 like wins the overtly taking thunder. This team made the Portland Trail Blazers defense look competent. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that. The blazers are bad on defense. They made they somehow had a worse defensive rating than last year's Houston Rockets. They made Karl Anthony towns in D'angelo Russell look like frigging, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. It's just wild. The whole thing is the hell of outta here. The hell up outta here. The whole thing is just crazy to me. Luke Walton is still the coach of this team is it's a choice for sure. Again, who else wants to coach the Sacramento king? I will say like on paper, I am excited about a good amount of them. You'll do it on this team. That's what you're talking about. I will not coach the kings. I am very happy here. Sacramento's lovely. I have been there a couple times. Very similar, very similar climate to a certain parts of Australia, so it might be an easy transition. I like a lot of the players on the kings. I really think Harrison Barnes is one of the most underrated players in the league now. I think that Darren Fox is a future all star. I think tyrese Halliburton is going to be one of the absolute best role players in the NBA. He's a $100 million player, like absolutely amazing. I thought rashawn Holmes. He's marvels. He's one of the better offensive centers in terms of finishing ability..

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