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Bola research during an emergency a perspective article by charlotta hoge an international correspondent for the journal too key international actors met sasso font yet and the world health organization are testing and a bowl of vaccine during the current outbreak in the democratic republic of congo dr see in collaboration with the ministry of health they must act in a state of extreme uncertainty the situation is evolving by the hour information is hard to come by and the ethical dilemmas and practical hurdles are abundant and they are using slightly different approaches dr hogue met with rebecca gray director of research at the msf epicenter in paris in may nine days after the who was notified of two laboratory confirmed cases of a bowl of virus disease in the equatoria province of the drc people were running in and out of her office exchanging information and getting ready to travel to the drc as quickly as possible to study the effects of an ebola vaccine in real time during an outbreak the vaccine safety and efficacy were very promising when it was studied in guinea and sierra leone in two thousand fifteen but the research was conducted at the tail end of the epidemic so it was not clear how much of the reduction in transmission could be attributed to the vaccine and how much simply to the waning of the epidemic further investigation is needed grey says the hard part is how do you make a series of quick judgment calls on the spot keeping in mind the fact that you are a visitor and you want this information to be shared that is the part that is tough peter salama who deputy director general for emergency preparedness and response spoke with dr hogue from his office in geneva also in may who teams were going to start using the abol of vaccine in the drc as well the communication has to be handled very carefully since we are bringing in vaccine but it is only going to bury specific people salama says it is extremely important to get that right and getting the logistics right is even harder why the va needs more competition if perspective article by kyle sheets from the university of michigan and arbor despite independent studies showing that clinical quality in the department of veterans affairs va health system is often as good as or better than in the private sector numerous areas for improvement remain in two thousand fifteen va leaders began planning for a future in which va and private sector.

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