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Well guess what good thing. She smacked this car so hard and like at one point i was. I see this coming. And i can't do anything about it. And yes so. I was really thankful for seatbelts. Always buckle up bit you get your money back though like how does that work when it detected that we were in an accident so really. Yeah so she like. She went up there and talk to the person or whatever and then comes back to the car and she's like okay like a like No not not acting like you're like nothing happened like absolutely not now greg with cancels the trip and she was like you. Cancel the trip. Or like yeah. Let us the fuck out of your car. Excuse my french but warranted that and like so. She tried to drop us off all. It's still pouring like the middle of narrows like no no no somewhere with a little overhang like we're not playing this game with you. And she's like left us. And i was like. You're the worst. We were doing our thing. Where we were spinning. You know like the The pouring rain is a metaphor for like cleansing last season. And we're just doing crazy like superstitious cowboy things you know. We always do more like if you think about it. We were the records. Not the recchi's barrel through the first game and it was like we're just being absolutely nuts. It's really hot. you're a heated. I'm really kinda still reeling on the whole concept of you. Getting accident uber. Did you kurtz so are you kidding me. No they're not hoping you're gonna be rich. I present you okay. Perfect sounds good at the very least. I hope you got your money back yet. we did. I believe we're going to this. Conversation is continuing off line. Because i am quite shook if as you can tell by the fact that this happened What is what. Is it like all those billboards call. Call one eight eight record all my guys. We need to fight on of those bob the record. I'll have to keep an eye out and we're driving to the beach today. If i see one jan the fist you she'll she'll make sure she'll put her fish down. If you in an accident called kimmel you're not referencing. The texas hammer. I'm sorry i couldn't remember. Obviously it's always it's always like seven seven seven seven seven seven seven 'cause like they always give you all those numbers because it's like okay. Well this person's drunk and they get into an accident or something like that like they're in a bad place like the only have to remember one number like just call seven a bunch of times in. We'll figure it out like that still. Yeah there's one dui lawyer in dallas. That is her last name is coffee. It's like dui at night coffee. In the morning. And i was like ma. Maybe don't drive drunk. But that's you know that's just me More however i must say i will. We did do the fan. Experience was just cool. They had all the rings. Had the lombardi. Ed sheeran played there. We did not see him because it was at seven and we were going to game. Yeah but Around the stadium is like it's all residential. Yeah when you're seeing there's like of course there's parking lots but they're not like it's not like jerry world where he he did takeover like were there are apartment complexes and stuff around there right To give them ample parking right people are parking on people's lawns in their driveways or whatever. And they're just like all posting up and it's just like one huge block party. It was really interesting to see I've kind of like the green bay conflict. That's what i've heard green bay's like yeah i believe that With less palm trees alarm less probably way less humid i was. We were being sweat at all times yesterday. Like why did i bother doing my hair. I don't know Is disgusting but you know it was. It was just really cool to see like how other fans like tailgate in. you know. go about going to the game. And it's a great stadium It's really hard to get out of all in all great experience if they ever play again. Y'all should go check it out and the fans were really nice. Oh maybe i'll actually start. We'll see our guys will thanks. What's going to appreciate it. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your friday in truly takeaway. Small victories from this game. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Oh one quick shoutout though a really nice review and I'm gonna find your name real quick. Because i've seen to make sure that you are aware that we do appreciate it. dang it. Where is this text. message while i'm saying that though it really does mean a world to win you rate review subscribe our shows It truly actually does help us a lot and we do appreciate it. Yeah yeah go ahead. Heiki zero zero one one two Just really appreciate the love. Thank you so much for tuning in. We do really shout out. Yeah shoutout to cake for that but Yeah make sure you guys are subscribing blog voice. Podcast wherever shows to check out to see really you. We've got a whole every day. We got you covered every day. Live youtube stuff like chemists. I mean it's what is it. Live you tubes on tuesdays. They also bobby belt is in the game. Now is just really excited about having bobby onboard. Like i was very unaware of your if that happened until it happened. And i was like whoa. We just brought in big fish so Y'all make sure in tune into bobby on mondays. next we do have a lot of stuff levi's Great content arted a great job of making sure that you guys have anything and everything you could ever possibly want in terms of cowboys so All in all thinking is again for tuning in. We do appreciate you couldn't find meghan who were on social media to. Do you want to hang out with us. and just scream into the abyss. All things cowboys. Because that's what we are very good at especially on twitter. You can find me at kelsey. Underscore charles if you wanna hang on. Instagram am at. Hey kelsey charlie meghan. Murray is at meg murry with four hours on both of those platforms But i know allen is on the good team in understands. Hey ordinance of cheering for the dallas cowboys but in light of his history in where he spent a lot of time. I just need to make sure we reiterate this really important thing dallas forever. Philly four never also stream. Casey muslim star-crossed. Also maybe greg make your job. Thanks goodbye.

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