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And adagio are the two horses and 5 year olds and champion hurdles warning alert. But this is, it's gonna be a small field. I mean, it's a small field as it is. And a lot of these sources are just not going to turn up. Like, can you see us rocking up to the champion hurdle on the back of that? No, I mean, I was blown away with him, it felt last year in the JCB. Me too. Yeah, so I kind of thought he had everything going the right way for him at Shelton last year and he was two to one. And I actually bet on him that day I was pretty pleased with the price because he wasn't favorite but I thought he would he would go on from that and he's in the unfortunately he hasn't. So to me he doesn't look too much of a danger for, well, certainly for honeysuckle anyway. It's quite remarkable to have the second that does you has progressed in the manner that he has. Lumping top boys in a great wooden just being denied. Damn you Dan skilled. Damn you cool alexius and Lucy rosalie Hughes as well for screw me out of my drawing for a little bit. But burning performance from cool, who had just joined Henry bromhead, pairing in mind. But again, Henry sources don't just throw in and out. This is becoming a bit more of a concern now because we're getting closer to cheltenham. So the pole nickels thing is also becoming more of a concern because we're getting closer to cheltenham. It's now a.

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