Commissioner, Bill Bratton, Eric Garner discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


To change at all but the first thing he did was put the sort of grandfather of these programmes as as as commissioner uh bill bratton and it's very much like the wire if you've watched it uh you know y w the first thing that you find out when you become mayor is that you have to satisfy a relatively small but regular revolving cast of important people in order to stay mayor and stay in power and the first thing that all these people ask for is they want increased police protection and they want and they want it in certain places and that's what that's how somebody to like build the blasier goes from being a candidate against the police to being you know somebody who deployed the police in the same way that might bloomberg did so all right so so tickets to the the actual uh arrest in the killing of eric garner is there was that that took place that day that you think broadly speaking there is a misunderstanding or a misapprehension or big one had this was one of the things that was really most shocking to me uh and one of the first things i found out when i started researching this book and and also not to digress too much i think this is kind of a a problem with three internet each journalism is that you get locked into narratives quickly because things happened so fast and the internet that all journalists have time to do is borrow from other journalists sprite so you know somebody reports eric garner is the father of five that becomes part of every story the next person reports there are was arrested trying to sell untaxed cigarettes that becomes part of the story but when you actually look at it what i found out was a eric garner wasn't even selling cigarettes that day now that is unquestionably what he did for a living and everybody connected with him we'll tell you that but he had um when i put together the time line of that death.

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