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So go right now to four six dot com slash dr leaf and feel your productivity and creativity with some delicious mushroom coffee. The link and details will be in the show notes. I mean there's so much more that i wanted to talk to you about covered. You've covered a lot ready in in some of the things that i wanted to ask you. What would you in just in terms of closing you've given us so many pools of wisdom. How do you clean up. Your mental may slit. Let's talk about that focuses hurried. I'm sure you've got a whole lot of people are thinking. Hey where does she do. Where does she do to keep herself. Black healthy beautiful. You know the organize going forward asking the right questions. And so on. Honestly i keep it so simple. You know i try to be getting. Present is one of gratitude and presence. Those are the two things and you don't you don't need. You don't need anything tangible. You can do it anywhere anytime you don't have to buy anything. Just say gratitude and presence and it just brings you into state of calm so if you can just get president especially if you are muttering in and you're and you're feeling i if it's a mess i mean just a little of breath. Work is helpful. Sir i do the four four four. Which is box may said yeah. That's right that it takes you about twenty seconds and you can just repeat it a couple of time suicide minute. You've already changed her state. And then just being. Very very has an intimate. I don't really understand what it means to be present in spoke During the key now just counting you know going to the boxer shining worn holding and counting for now your present because ours thinking about is coming or and breathing in and breathing out and holding that breath and then all sitting on your whole system and then immediately kicking into gratitude. And it's been so grateful for anything in that moment you can be grateful for just sitting here. Grateful that the fact that you're able to converse of down grateful that you are here in your live and you have all the things that you had just make it so so simple and then once you've gotten there the third thing take knowledge. Is you that you are of full powerful being you know. And that's and that's what we forget if humor body is the most co implicated machine. There is literally nothing. We're we're doing everything. Virtually we've got phones and computers and we do and there is nothing more complicated then the human body in my in my opinion and it just runs and itself heels and so if you think about it you buy yourself your sovereign self. You're incredibly powerful machine and we forget that because we forget to take that moment of presence interior lays we go to sleep here. We go to leave. We see we grieve. Our bodies work we cut and then we dive in tour film. But what happened between you know and just to take that moment in technology and it's an very tool that you can give to yourself. And so that's what i do. Obviously the days four and there's a lot and all kinds of things i've been outside of your control but when you bring that back to you when you realize that use self in control again and you are still very powerful and you. Can you have the ability to heal and you have the ability to do so much more than you acknowledge yourself for it. Changes your mindset changes your state of mind your state of being and so those are the things that i do. That's beautiful. i love that. That's so important was it helps you within environments that we are trying to change that existing. You know there's so many wrongs of society that we need to change and it can be some crushing so it's important that we have enough resilience so that we can actually cook in ourselves that we can cope untabled on. I love that. That's really mazing. We can people find out more about you and you see you on but say it again. Thank you so much. People can find me on my website. Which is serena loves dot com or on my social platforms and instagram is. My where most selective and that chef serena poon so yes thank you thank you so much in leisure will put those links in the show. Thank you for love. Discussion was really really great to learn about culinary alchemy and just the importance of getting back from a setback. These are very important and just another angle on great achievement talks about gratitude statements but yeah the angle on that so thank you for that and that great asking the great. Th the difficult questions in the difficult times. That's really you've made it very simple. So thank you for your time and your wisdom and your and for pulling through and giving your knowledge to the world to help so many people thank you start. It was an ira an honor and a pleasure. Thank you dr league. Thank you so much. 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