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Crimes of Passion


Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of violence that some people may find offensive. Lee advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen nine year old Lorraine Gene Snyder opened her eyes and groggily rolled over in her bed. She could tell by the light streaming through her window that it was well past on. She had stayed up so late the night before. All she wanted to do was slip back into sleep but before she could. She heard a muffled noise place outside her bedroom. Her mother's plaintive voice calling her lorraine hurried out of bed and opened the door to find her mother ruth sprawled on the floor a not formed in Lorraine stomach. She knew immediately that something was horribly wrong. She rushed to her mother's side and spotted a cord wrapped loosely around roots ankles. She reached out to tug on it but ruth pushed her hands away and I told her to go call their neighbor for help lorraine heard the panic in roots voice and it terrified her. Why was her mother lying on the floor? Why was she tied up? But Ruth stopped her in a shrill quavering voice ruth ordered the rain to run to the phone immediately this time lorraine obeyed. She called their neighbor and asked her to come over as soon as she could good as lorraine hung up the phone she thought of one final unnerving question. Where was her a father?.

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