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Eighteen points fourteen rebounds shot six fifteen andrew wiggins had nine points this one six rebounds four twelve not really a game you'd want from geigy wiggins when it's pretty much playoff implications you'd expect him at least to play a little bit better considering the fact that a little report that came out saying he was unhappy being the third option i mean when these big games are coming up you gotta do more than put up nine points on the board karl anthony towns showed up in this when he had twenty six points thirteen rebounds four assists tennis sixteen to a five from three point line jeff teague had fifteen point six assists six fourteen didn't hit a three in this one for the nuggets you had paul millsap with twelve point seven rebounds shot three of twelve not great there will barton had fourteen point six six six fourteen nikolai yokich didn't even shoot the ball well here six twenty from the field one six from three point nine had sixteen points fourteen rebounds nine assists though jamal murray had twenty two points to rebound shot eight to sixteen and then off the bed she had devin harris federal presence here veteran big game twenty points three rebound shot six of eleven five of nine from three point line jimmy butler was active for this one but what did not play due to coach's decision obviously tom probably trying to ease them in their little bit more jimmy to be playing the next thing for sure let me see i'm gonna have to go into the negative casualty they got for the last week games on check the timber scheduled because obviously it's going to be big here three games left teams tied timber wolves do hold the tiebreaker there so that's why they got the let's see who got left they got the lakers the grizzlies and the nuggets once again also obviously that.

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