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Yeah i didn't quite understand and again it really tries from this macho bullshit fray and man. Let's one thing. There's good macho bullshit. You know like arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone type of macho stupidity. Because it's all in good fun. This was like really propaganda macho bullshit like in the marines in the rings do this. And there's nothing tougher than a marine man. We get it. We know like it man. It is so forced. And it's not none of it's cool. Yeah it's very twenty twelve e-eh yeah very again very forgettable forgettable time in movie history has only into the plot is do perry dan when he got for us. Just a quick shadow to our good friends. tia and brittany and their podcasts. Be top ten with tia. Weekly podcast not in brittany. Go down top ten lists so if you are into that sort of thing or if you want to kind of weigh your you know whatever her listed and you think hey you know this would be. This would be fun to put a narrower. I would put this in there. Go check it out. you could follow her at. Tc underscore stark on twitter. And she is also a head writer for geek vibes nation with whom we are affiliated with okay great and we are going to take a quick break and you are gonna listen some ads and we will be right back everyone. This is steve..

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