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Silver age crap crammed into one character who then uses it to be some avenging vigilante, even if he is a jerk and dentists thing aside from looking like someone who put together a night costume out of stuff that he found in his parents closet is killing mutants, but only mutants who've killed and we meet Denny when he shows up in the town of San Miguel saves the young woman from a drunk and violent tower field X-factor villain be rates. The woman he's just saved for thanking him. And then promises the villagers that will never forsake humanity. The way humanity for Sook him. He's terrible ready. I think he's just really is aware that this is this first appears gotta get as strong first impression as possible. You never make a first impression twice. I mean, you do if you're see on ablaze. Well, we'll get to that. But I gotta say killing tower to show that you're a bad ass. I appear I'm way more. Okay. With that. Then killing I dunno say, the Hellenes looking you fucking Trevor meanwhile on your island, and I'm going to open this with the twist dying mastermind has asked to talk to Jean grey in the gold team came out to Muir island with gene just in case because this is a big villain and Unst three members of that team, gene iceman and Bishop have been sucked into an overlapping allusion. What have we got for our participants today? Jason well, Jean grey and Scott summers are married. They have Rachel summers and Nathan day spring. Scotty son at cetera as kids like kid aged kids, and apparently they're all leading a quiet normal wonderful life Bishop is back with the excess alongside his sister shard. Hey, it's shards. First actual on page appearance. We heard her mentioned before and made fun of slash praised her name. And now she's on page, and she looks really cool. What kind of parents name their children, Lucas and chard? I mean, the the bishops apparently. I mean, I guess also the snippets who have children named Jacques lemon kit. But still iceman meanwhile is leading the both beloved and heavily licensed X men as even more beloved ice master. I love the conversation that the X men have about ice master here starting with havoc. None of our other leaders ever held a candle to you, Bobby professor exurbia agrees havoc is right. You should have led the accident from day one to which Wilbur in chimes, then Charles is right about havoc being right? We'd be nowhere without your good. Looks charisma and financial sappy. And even little Nathan is in all I just wanted to say Mr. iceman Stor that you've been an inspiration to me just like you. I'm going to forsake my college career blame my parents for everything. Bad in my life and refused to ever take anything serious or accept responsibility for my actions ever out. Ouch. Also little Nathan is very excited to find an ice master action figure in the mall that they're in and sure enough in real life the Ice Man action figure back in the ninety s was like impossible to find. So I would be excited to man and speaking of the nineties when Bishop objects to the x men's general style in this dream world havoc has some general commentary on the whole comics line as it is. You're still thinking substance over style. The the accident of the nineties her giving the people what they want alas. This stream does not end up being about giving the characters what they want because the dream has almost all paradise. Everything's great dreams tend to do falls apart. Right. Fitzroy shows up to murder chard, the X men turn on iceman crucify him and tell him he's useless and the Phoenix force explodes out of Scotland jeans TV and then their kids come downstairs after their bad times as we adore. Versions of hound Richland cable, tell off their parents. We're talking about how the two of you have been total zips on the parental front..

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