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We are rolling. We're rolling over rollers. We're oh we're in we're in we're in it here in about last night. Podcast with the one and only jeremy. Piven jeremy you you've done it all and now you're doing more than doing it all. I don't know how to start ever never know how to seeing you in an alley is is throwing me off but i also feel like as an actor as someone who started on the stage. You know you are someone who has to use your environments. I'm sure you started in those black box theatre days when there were no sets right and you had to truly use your imagination and assimilate i think is the word to your surroundings. Do you feel like do you feel like there's a spot that you need for jeremy piven to go to feel truly comfortable or you such a chameleon because you know again i'm gonna fly around here but going from the stage to now back to the stage to do stand up which are now Traveling the country doing and deep into the thick of it and of putting all the reps. Is there one place when you're not on stage that you go to like an alley way that you're in right now in colorado springs to decompress. You're not impressed on the road together. Many times kreil machines. Let me just say what. By the way i you know. I asked our man one time. I said listen. I'm playing a role where my characters much younger and do you have any advice. And he said oh absolutely he goes. You have to fast. He goes i go okay. No fast he goes. That's the fountain of youth. I go done. Because i need to look a lot younger and he goes because i'm thinking okay you know. They have intermittent fasting hours. They said that. I needed to fast for three days. And i was like brother by people went through the holocaust. Let me like. I wanna. I wanna sandwich. No no. i'm not gonna fat fast three days. Fuck no dude. Even win it. truly look. In the thick of my young kipper days. Which were the non-jews. That's that's when we repent for our sins by by. What is it forty eight hours. Not even to not eat or drink. It's really twenty four hours really twenty four. I'll be that was a lot as a kid especially a fact in seattle. When there's when it's during the rainy season. I mean there was always a roll the dice with fall weather in seattle when yom kippur fell. So if i couldn't even go outside to distract myself. And i'm indoors with the tv and what goes with the tv of your kid snacks. And if i can't. I mean it's just it was double trouble but yeah i don't know how many way to enter. It's a great way to introduce kids to religion. Starve them and make them feel guilty and repent for themselves their sins. So it's interesting. You brought up like you know in the beginning of the of your of your intro. What's like the weirdest kind of i've had. You don't understand like when i started in chicago theatre. We were doing a sorta theater company with john. Cusack called the new criminals and we were doing a play and the cast. Outnumbered the audience. Oh my god. Yeah and i playing a role in major league easily okay so i was playing a role and so i used to drive to milwaukee county stadium and then back for the curtain and i remember. I just barely made the curtain and was playing the wild man of borneo who is a man who was. They found him in the in the jungle. And so. I had no clothes on. And i wore pain on and i just sprinted onto stage and looked out and saw i usually end into the audience and do some madness and i did and then they got up and left and then we had lou eleven people in the audience. Half of them left so we were left with a few people at the very end. So you know. I've i come from a place where you know. I've seen these i've seen these rooms are heavy lifting. Do you Do you miss your theater days. Like i'm always fascinated by people that had such a such a big part of their start and end to transition to to film and tv and now stand up. Like which. I'm sure is filling that it's what i started. Stand up because i was doing so much not as much as you had done but high school and college. And i was like. I still need that live fix. So what's a way. I can get that immediately without having to try to find a show to get into and and get into one right. Here's a show. I can do right now. Even if it is for four people at midnight like do you. How often are you thinking back to those days with cusak and be like man. We should get the band back together and and put it on other show or is that like chapter of your life kind of putting on pause right now. So you know. It's this this journey right now as you know more than anyone fulfills so many needs yet because you know you're on the road performing all the time it's funny. I went to movie recently..

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