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38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Bob Miller, the traffic center on 3 95 South bound in Virginia before Duke Street, Thie v dot and police are behind. I believe it's a broken down car block in the left lane there, and traffic is coming up to it at speed South bound 3 95 before Duke and getting by by squeezing two lanes for the right. 95 is running well, Springfield of Fredericksburg, 66 is doing all right. But 29 south bound in Gainesville at route 15. The crash remains South bound traffic has to go through the shopping center and over to 15 from there. Of course, they can come back south on 15 to continue on 29 south. North bound. All lines are open. Except you can't make a left turn there and believe they're still working on that crash had to be there for a little while longer. In the district eastbound freeway before South Capitol Street, the crashes along the right side of the roadway and in Maryland, westbound on 50 and started to ease up just a bit, But still across Kent Island. It's very slow going on 50 westbound. Once across the Kent Narrows Bridge, you're still socked in. The entire trip to the Bay Bridge. And after that the pace is good. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway into 70 each without delay, BMC Software and D lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need with discounted year end offerings. Visit www dot dot com slash BMC Solutions for Learn More Bobby. W T o P. Traffic. Let's look at the forecast now a storm team for a meteorologist Matt Ritter, the beautiful extended holiday weekend is over with and high pressure is moving away, so that's going to lead to an increase in humidity over Tonight, not as comfortable. Those will be in the upper sixties.

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