Cuba, The House, Senator discussed on Can He Do That? - How much of Obama's Cuba policies could Trump rollback?


The american business community the american public which had been traveling to cuba and including a lot of republicans who firm particularly from farm states who saw cuba as a market a argued on the other side they said no leave these leave these openings in place in fact we want more openings to cuba so you had that dynamic of the two sides arguing as the trump administration began a process of reviewing what was there and what if anything they wanted to change about it yes so that is actually an ice segue to manek's question which as how is trump being advised right now by by lawmakers who who thinks this is a good idea i think that probably the majority think it's a good idea 54 senators served have signed a bill that was introduced last month calling for totally free american traveled to cuba you've had a similar resolution in in the house of representatives introduced um you have marco rubio who is the senator from florida cuban american mario diaz balart representative from miami cuban american and several others who have said no we don't want this to go any further in fact we want to rolled back so you basically had the governing people in the trump administration sang we really should not roll this back we should make it broader and the political people within the white house saying no this is not what you promised you promised you're going to change this interesting and what about business leaders what's there take.

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