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Movie but much more brutal and it doesn't quite function as a normal martial arts movie at all but you know because van damme is presented as the villain up until basically the last scene of the film then he has to be okay with either the way he's dispatching killed but also that he's presented as this awful man throughout the entire movie. That's what you're going to see because it's really even though van dam only shot for like three or four days on a thirty day shoot because only fifteen percent of the film. He's you know. He's he's the face on the poster. It's obvious atkins movie he. It's van vandamme. Who they're selling on. He's the presold name. He's the one that got on the you know. We're we sold the territory. Because vandamme amazon dot ca scott adkins who was not who is not anything at that point so i understand the importance of it but To to to things that happened right before production starts after van damme signs on one. Is that moshe. Diamant insists that the movie shot in three d. Which makes absolutely no sense if you're going to go through actual right because at that point in two thousand eleven when they were shooting this there is no like much. There's not much of a market for home. Three d right. They don't have the three. Tv's yet and then were really quite taken off so he must be wanting to sell theatrical stuff overseas because at the time two thousand eleven everybody was doing three d. That's after avatar. Everybody was either post converting or they were shooting in three. Because there's like a week and add money to the ticket price but strange to do it for a what is essentially going to be a direct to video movie in the us and the other thing that happens is while dick scott atkins is doing the stunt stuff in for the dark knight rises. He tears his acl So he ends up doing all of universal soldier day of reckoning with tornado. And he doesn't tell peter. Hi sorry. john. Haimes peterson john. High of how serious it is the entire movie but he makes it 'cause he knows that if the if if you mentioned it they'll just replace him and he'll miss his chance so he leaves the production of dark knight rises to go. Get this lead in this movie. But he doesn't ever tell them so because himes had written this really weird script in which the The hero is limping for at first. Half of the movie and doesn't really get into action until a baby at five in the film I can't tell whether they get away with it or not. But i think it helps because he's like building up strength and he's building. It's not that they shot this chronologically anyway. But you have this like. Oh he's getting better. he's getting better. Oh my god like. He's a super soldier so when he gets his fingers cut off they start to grow. Grow back like you're like what is going on here over. The guy gets his foot cut off and then that starts to grow back like what is going on here But it has this strange energy to it that you do not see in other movies of this type at all like this is an odd visceral kind of nausea inducing movie with tons of strobe effects and I mean they're honestly aren't a lot of things like it but what the three d does. Because john heinz doesn't want to do three d. but what it does is they have to shoot the fight scenes differently because normally when you're shooting today they don't have to get as close with the punches right they can get a foot or so away but because it's three they get much closer so the punches and everything else look like. They're right that you're hitting because they really are that close because they were like right here just like an answer to because they have to because the three d. craigslist thing now. I'm not saying you should watch moving three. But i think it creates this eerie feeling to most of the shots. This weird distance. I don't know if you noticed that. How do you watch it in three day. You get some three d. glasses or you get the three d blu ray from from europe. Basically there's no reason. I i know someone who seeing the three d. They said. it doesn't make any it doesn't help it doesn't matter i've only seen it in two Three doesn't work for me very well. Anyway so maybe would make a difference. I mean if the guy who is a big fan says it doesn't make a difference. I'm i'm gonna. I'm gonna trust his judgment so so they so because they they get the financing because of the three d. Told that now the three d. is would allow the financing. And they're gonna get eight million dollars but they only get three million dollars. Shoot it the five million dollars was i. Guess i'm not gonna make any speculation pocket by somebody. Something like that. But but haim says that it that it cost three million dollars to make movie and shooting thirty days which is even more ambitious considering the scale the scope of this movie some of these chases that car chase that they shot with a car crash stuff. They did that in two days with one camera. And when you watch it you're astonished because it's a really good thing But as script is like this weird mixture like david lynch pockets now and universal soldier And it's about these Takes the plotting. Remember at this point So it has like the basic universal soldier plot of like killers sent out to who worked for the government level but this time they revolted and because it's also about the fact that maybe their memories aren't meal and that they might you might meet your clone at some point and then maybe there's a moment where you you fail to kill your boss and he's laughing at you and there's that you remember that insane scene were the guy who is faced. His head torn off is like pointing out these murderer via I love that bit or all of the stuff. like the. there's just this whole thing looks like just the most distortion uncomfortable movie. Can you play the scene a visit to a friend. There's not even a fight in the same but just look at this.

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