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What the fuck is glorious. I thought her mama was. Her mom, Gloria Allred is her mom. Oh, Gloria Allred my bag glorious mixed. I was just in here being lost. And I was like really looking like how is her daughter mentioned on her fucking run. Okay, mob it anyway. So. Yes. So she sued fifty cent because these sidelight reposted a screen shot or something from the Tate, and you know, there was suing him for damages or whatever for being a part of it or whatever she lost that case. Now, she's ordered to pay fifty cents legal fees. Which of course, he wanted her to pay the entire Bill which like a hundred sixty one thousand dollars something judge said nigger. It was I guess she has to pony up thirty grand Jesus enough. I mean. Yeah. Le- fuck. I know it's been for five seasons of what she's done. But I don't know Mon offer. I mean in to have an extra thirty thousand just sitting around even if you do have money good her so Spicer. No. That's not fun. Her music. That's essentially what he's been doing. Because let's say for argument's sake that the judge may this ruling on like Friday here we are going into Thursday every damn day since he's been trolling over this win in this thirty talking about he wants his money. Now, if she needs to go on a date to get the money, ask her boo for the money. He's gonna get love and hip hop to just for the checks to him. You know, the trolling never stop in love, it really cannot stand. Fifty. I don't get why. I just don't get. Why I can't imagine better things to do. But like take like you already one. What's the point in going on Instagram and being a dick about it? Well, because trolling is what he does like the whole case was based around his trolling. So the fact that he wanted. You even when you give him the money. He's gonna roll you over this forever. And anytime anything any other time, you're mentioned in the news. He'll comment and say something with get the strap at the end of it. So this is what he does. I don't entirely understand why. But not an option is it just mad. Nick. Please most you know, what most men don't grow up anyway. So especially not as one as rich as fifty. He's just going to be okay. Childish in just mean to just random people or people who like really could not ever hurt you. I mean, I like she took you to court and everything like that. Or you felt like that was Patty, whatever. But like, you absolutely ran tagged is in this girl. Right reposting picks. And you still are right. So, but I just. So okay. So the court system is leading us know that that is going to be just fine for me to do. All right. Lots of who'll fuck is the people behind you who will fight for you must be. But you know, what I believe fifty says days come one day. I do it's a may two shit out. There about him. I'm sure it is. I'm just saying. So the super bowl's happening. Yes. I always know coming into January Super Bowl is about this. It'd be a thing that happens when it happens if it's happening every February or like, those seconds the third week of January is used to be in January. But now, it's February you probably remember it being in January like growing up all your life. Yeah. But it's fabulous Horsley entertainer. Wary all going to my uncle house on new that minute day? If Nacho day right mistake like it was a holiday. Yes. Absolutely. It was a holiday. It was really a reason to go to my cousins housing. Yes. Absolutely. I was okay. Never gave a fuck about the game. At all. I'm going to my cousin's house. We're gonna eat a whole bunch of food the commercials, and I genuinely enjoyed the like. To just loud and vibrant, nature of my dad, and uncles and all the other. Yeah. See I liked it too. But then my mom or my grandma somebody always comes to kill with the men in their drinking and talking like home that's down. That's the fun part. I mean, I always had at least, you know, three or four on that was definitely in their throwing back red stripes and getting Justice. So maybe that pioneering auntie..

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