Pennsylvania, Maryland, Donald Trump discussed on Up Front with Chris Citorik


It's just stupid yeah and i and that's why i brought up to the the rallies from pennsylvania because we cannot allow this to become kind of normal behaviour snow the i and i i think he's already done so much damage to the office just by i mean we used to have this idea that the office of the presidency is to be revered and respected above all outs in that there's a certain level of decorum and and respect that comes with it and that's all gone now in it's going to take a lot of work from a lot of people to get that back and i think it's a lot easier to kind of fall into a place where anything goes and that would be devastating for our country's future anaokar hit earned michael hurd yeah no problem appreciate the comment definitely it's always good air from your core delia in maryland your next welcome kid coordial you're on wbz or chris how are you i'm good how are you know arm earning agreed with uh the caller yep the patch he wished rarely right on the march i think he was rational through his emotions was rational this other men guide on mazury you rational though when you couldn't talk to but anyway michael new follow though i don't know what it was going to left and right near everything else um i think no but i wanted to get your opinion because with balpa sing is so right i don't see how the the nation part that put him in what i don't just don't understand why they cannot feed the immaturity of dismay and and it looked like to me he does everything the way he runs donald trump c e r o he wants to do it the same way there he doesn't see the reality of being charged up a whole of almost four hundred million people really fascinating for me because i talked to a fair amount of trump supporters on this show and it seems that no matter what position they held originally on an issue donald trump is all over.

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