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That you have to be a struggle but they could i think they have so okay and later try to definitely go to the superbowl so if you're about with check if you have a whole year with grew up a low you sign him to a contract is not going to get that make a contract yet so i would rather go up low signed the contract oh why when you go to cut retorts interview three brady my whole thing with that so let's say you're right you know trade brady of a just get you know played great you know you know think they'll attempt with three brady at this point ago would not the guy who he would not no one no get my question you also don't think later realize they'll accept that you can so emotionally you don't think in his head that he knows he could win with go up loped you you don't believe that so it i think this is that well you know you look anyone yourself albert albert albert you're not on albert albert albert you're not on with fell you naz seguin that would have disagree fuel but i know you go on their new guys look each other balls we're going to don't get we don't we go to go little different we actually disagree with each other okay it's good so go ahead continues point a moron we all think are up was good and i'll go get to get to point why would you know i could've gritty and then this huge that we're why and we want you what it phone calls out where they are you allowed this is two goals us okay so the power albert albert i'm albert oh answer question it's in so knowing when you say his name over and over again he by me for his eyes on there's a stupid yes okay so so that's the best ones it's a good dog outta would also is this what did you get more for four in a trade rob or brady i think you'll play to stew pretty if you give you more for brady.

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