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Get into its own. You recently savon. I'm guessing it. In december awesome. Have metal eight one myself. Yeah like string of ood taking off rates way. Just taking a moment of pause or sharing with people how to celebrate them. Sometimes sometimes you might just share something that when you're in something for a while it might be a working to was-it and it's taken awhile. I think may go two ways. You can either like a massive sense of achievement. Or you're just so tired by the end nevada. you did. Yeah so sometimes it takes your friends to like you know we're going to celebrate because when you are like tied up in your one through it is hard. Seen wasn't achievement is. Sometimes you know so. It's nice to people around you who will like highlight for you and help you to celebrate it even if it's just to say wildlife well the you know and messages from them. How have you been able to manage the challenges that have come up in your life which one depends.

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