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Southwest for the passage of a motorcade, inbound traffic on three 95 started to move a couple of minutes ago. Moving now a little bit along south capitol street and near the 11th street bridge on two 95. These were traffic holds for routine police activity. Outbound traffic on three 95 wasn't stopped, but you're encountering volume delays from southwest to Springfield and slow in separate stretches. In Stafford county, on I 95 southbound brake lights are tightly packed between X and one 43 and one 36. The crash happened near centerport Parkway initially blocked the center lane. On I 95 and Howard county, Maryland, the northbound pace is much slower than usual. It took a while for the crashed cars to get towed near one 75, but all lanes remain open. Baltimore, Washington Parkway took a hit from bailout. And the southbound back up on the Parkway in greenbelt is because of the car that broke down in the left lane midway between four ten and four 50. Try a new way to travel on car free day use transit rideshare bike walk scooter or telework on Thursday, September 22nd, take the free online pledge at car free metro D.C. dot org. Dave dillin WTO traffic. Lovely day, pretty nice forecast here's Amelia. Right on time with the calendar will go from feeling like summer to feeling like fall the transition day happening on your Thursday. Tonight clear skies after temperatures throughout the evening hours in the 70s and 80s will have lows tonight in the 60s. Highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 80s with plenty of sun and some scattered showers and thunderstorms on Thursday

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