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Know, really? I was kind of Skip. I was skipping ahead, wondering why I had a friend actually, who was like visiting the Smithsonian. This one kind of blew me away and they've got the preamble. We, the people. Done in kind of customized license plates, and my license plate design is there And that one kind of like of all of the places where people have kind of said, Hey, Eric, I saw your plate. That was the one that kind of threw me back the most like ma'am, That's pretty cool. And at the time there is all this publicity about this play. The Seattle Times had a big story. It's essentially you love it or hate it. Because the license way prior to 1986 hadn't changed for 23 years. It was just that old white plate with green letters, and I'm sure some people might still remember. And then even after the centennial was over. It was so you could buy the plate for about three years, it said. Centennial celebration on it. Had the mountain there in the middle, which it still has to this day had kind of, or curly Q B writing for the word Washington But when the centennial was over, they got rid of that centennial language, But they kept the mountain. So it's been Washington's official plate for something like 34 years. Actually talked to the department corrections where they make these license plates over in Walla Walla. And they couldn't even tell me how many they've actually made over the last 34 years. I was trying to guess it must be north of 20 Million, maybe 30 million. But to be an artist, and actually it made it. It made his career He was this guy Eric Booth, he was already thinking about becoming a graphic designer. And winning this contest. Kind of like, you know, sort of set the mold for him and he went to art school. He works for Pitney Boz is some sort of a high end, you know, higher up graphic designer for pity votes for their interactive stuff. And it's ah. Does. He really got set on that path because he won this contest, and he said that he thought the young When they called him. They thought he might have been a teacher at Ferndale High School. They didn't know he was a kid because they narrowed down the 1400 entries to just 12. And then they let the governor Governor Booth Gardner, of course, now deceased. And headed toward the licensing were the two people who picked the final plate and that was it was his design and unveiled it this big thing with a ceremony right there in front of the state capital. And it was. It was just a huge deal, and there's a millions of these things on the road, and you know, the guy never gets any credit for it because it's been 35 years. There's a conspiracy theory for you. Booth Gardner chose a guy named Booth as the winner. I was going to point that out to him. OK, good. We're on the same wavelength in this story. I also talked to you, Eric Boots, Parents, Roger Booth and Connie Booth and Booth Gardner and one someone commented on social media. There's something like There's more boots in that story than there are in a suntanned parlor at a strip mall or something. It was sort of a booth. Joe Kind of you're kind of a dad joke. Yeah. Speaking of Dad jokes. I'm glad you mentioned the dad jokes because wait, Did wait, I I asked him one that, Felix, I asked. Hopefully, Jacob's paying attention Now, I asked Eric Lewis out of making the plates, I said.

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