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I mean, I'll has it's going to be filling in for Stu dots today playing the role of getting sent to the penalty box. Whenever it is that he does something that is show killing David Samson with us now again telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. He's the former Marlins team president. What what is the movie we're talking about this week? Hey, it's a great time ear it's Oscar time, I'm reviewing bohemian rhapsody, which is obviously what everyone knows movie about Queen, Freddie. Mercury. Played by Rani. Molla Kuh is going to win the best actor it's between him and Christian bale and vice which we talked about last week. It's an unbelievable performance better than Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison and the doors. That's how good he was being Freddie, Mercury. The movie itself is absolutely imploding with three exceptions. Is it too early to do? Spoiler alert as everyone else to do. Spoiler alert. Yeah. You can't you can't be telling people yet about human rabbit in terms of things that are going to spoil the stores spoiler. Could there be it's a bio pic and thirty plus years ago? I agree with that. The fact is he dies at the end. Deigned it right here for all listeners. Freddie. Mercury dies. So you'd like them moving. I had no idea you'd like them movie David which is a little surprising. It's actually the worst reviewed movie to ever win the Golden Globe for best picture drama, and I'm a huge Queen fan. And I also like Remmy Malik, and I was disappointed by the movie thoroughly I thought they took such creative license at then think it was honest, but the Live Aid scene at the end that was worth the price of admission. Well, those are the things that was going to talk about I was very disappointed with the four five things that they did that they don't need to do. And it made me think about all the movies that are based on true stories. Why is it for dramatic purposes? You have to add certain things when the story itself is so dramatic. This is the number one example where they didn't have to do it. And they did. And that's why it's been reviewed so badly, but you have to see it not just for the Live Aid seen, but. All the musical scene. You end up. I was here in the last twenty minutes of the entire movie thinking about the impact Queen had. And what a group they weren't. How sad it is. But he died so young it is kind of awkward at award season two because Bryan singer was essentially kicked off the project because of how he was treating people onset. So it's now winning all these awards yet Bryan singer is not there yet got full credit for the first thing that I did after watching this movie, by the way, I woke up the next morning, and I saw the actual Live Aid performance. You should always get to shot. Shot. It's amazing. How will they did that down to the, you know, the the soda on the piano, everything every little thing? Remmy Malik deserves the award just based on how well he imitated him. I had a chance to talk about this movie with someone who is who is not alive during the time of live eight because I wanted to understand what their view of Live Aid was and the worst part is there would some recognition of the words Live Aid or band-aid. But no idea that it was that type of concert. No idea that it was simultaneously in Philadelphia. And London that Phil Collins did both on the same day. No idea of any of it. Bob geldof..

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