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I know a raw says he's like. Just being like, it's David Schwimmer. David Schwimmer had to tweet out. Like, this is not me. It looks really looks just like him it does. Which is. That's the funniest part is like thing about the poor person at the police station who's just fielding calls. Like, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's raw some friends. And I tell you that I've had. Of like beef with David trimmer. You have beef with David segment. He doesn't I don't think he really knows it. But I'll never forget. Okay. So he directed his first movie that he was directing. Yes called trust. Okay. Now, I was twelve years old. And this is when I was auditioning for a ton of TV movies, whatever got the script this. This summer was probably the busiest summer that I've had working as a child model slash actress. I was like going into seventh or eighth grade. I think it was a summer whatever one of those years, and I was receiving like script effort script and one of the scripts came in was for this movie trust that was being directed by David swimmer. So immediately, I I was excited because you know, the director it's Dan Schwimmer. Yeah. It was a story about a girl who meets a guy online, and she ends up meeting up with him, and he rapes her and they figure out the whole thing. David schwimmer. It in. No, he doesn't play. He directed it to other people forget the name of the parents, I I'm like, bla- blanking out. Like, well known people, and they were looking for a girl to play this younger girl, but she was supposed to be like fifteen right? And I was twelve the youngest person auditioning and script was extremely heavy her fighting with her parents house, very heaven, and it was a whole thing because she didn't believe he was a bad guy. And her dad was so can you know, what I mean, it was a whole big thing. And I trust me. I nail this dish in like I did the audition. I told my parents I nailed this one like I really worked hard at it. Because it was very serious script and turns out to call back the whole thing and that I went for the callback. And I'm pretty sure he was on a video right ham. Yeah. Watch out watching them. I think and I was the youngest girl there. Everybody else was like fifteen or sixteen twelve and I nailed it. I'm telling you I now, but I ended up not getting the part because I was the youngest person to audition and they wanted a fifteen or sixteen year old and I'm like. Why would you have me on dishes in the first place? I'm twelve years old. You know, then, but I did look older as a twelve year old look at my face thing so ever since then I'm like fuck David swimmer. It's the same thing where same thing with rob Reiner. Damn thing. I it's like a beef that I'm never gonna let go really like in the back of my mind. I watch friends, and I'm like, oh, this is great in the back of my mind. I'm like David swimmer reject ruined my chance at a big break. Now. Listen, the movie never went to theaters. I was going to say never I didn't hear about it was maybe it was on Netflix for a while. It's not enough looks anymore. Getting the role anybody who has a actual career? Now, she Liana Liberato. I'll tell you what she's end. 'cause you've definitely seen. You definitely know who she's in. She was if I stay. What are some other ones? I think she's in some new best. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have before. I was like her first film as well. You know stuck in love. That's yes. Yes. That that's a great movie. And. Yeah. So she I think she has a damn thing coming out on Netflix too. I'm not really sure. But yeah, she got the part. She's she was born nineteen ninety. She was two years older than me. Okay. So. Yeah. So there you go. That's why have beef with that. He'll never remember. No, not at all. He I just remember in the back of my mind. I'll never forget. And honestly, my parents will ever forget either every time David swimmers on the screen. They're like David Schwimmer that dick like every time. I was twelve years old. I'm twenty one. Now, this is literally ten years later..

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