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Best policy moving forward i'll let me play for you with the president said a flashback last year we will along the american embassy to the journalist capital of yours hera syndulla let me let me tell you something and other critics people that don't like the president people that do like the present the republicans that like the present republicans of don't like the president democrats don't agree with the president some democrats up you may agree with the presidents and pay you know what i'm gonna tell you this from a purely geopolitical legal situation number one legally there's no question that all we're doing is recognising what is in fact on the ground that the country that is sovereign over this area israel hazare capital is jerusalem so that's number one skip already defined beauty issues under international law number two it takes that issue as a fake bargaining chip because it was never going to be a bargaining chip so all these false starts that took place under the clinton administration and president bush it never happened they never could get to a deal giving jerusalem up divided would not give them the deal so now we've got a real play a real move by a real negotiator in place here and i think that what you're going to say and we'll get reaction from our office in jerusalem of sure on the broadcast tomorrow we'll give you more updates but skippy when i have been there are a lot we we know this area there are threats coming from hamas who controls the gaza strip this must be the partner by the way of the fa tom wishes the old plo and they are saying this would so the irony of this to me is that there are declaring a day of rage in response to the president's statement skippy reaction well this is not an you know this is not unusual for the arabs every time they don't get their way they create some type of a day of rage or some type of by loans to try to happy will change their mind they are not prepared in my view to ever negotiate because what they ultimately have promised their people is unachievable they have told their own people that someday they're gonna go back and they're going.

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