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Main line i it's not that out of seattle you to see some slowdowns in shoreline in fact right around one forty beth into sort of roll slow through mountlake terrace southbound i 5 very difficult from northgate into downtown seattle southbound ninety nine still really struggling as well as you try to get the stadiums both pratice westbound to see some slowdowns happy across the water as you head into seattle southbound 405 struck going i n dehlvi right around northeast 8th to coal creek parkway we're gonna see brake lights southbound 167 right around 41st you're also going to find it tough southbound i 5 from highway 18 down through the 5 curve south at one six seven from algana into summer and i want to mention a crashing kingston at seems to really be causing some issues both east and westbound on highway 104 just west at par cells road next look at traffic 614 marina rockinger komo news marina thanks so much blood stock weather let's do that was the pool has your komo forecast well here's how things are shaping up this evening obviously we still have all the smoke and haze kind of hanging around we are in line to get a few showers our is here later if later tonight and a bit tomorrow as well that will help not just with the rain but cut it kind of like stirring up the pot if you will so that we can lift at stuff out of here so that's underway temperatures tomorrow we'll be cooler we're gonna be somewhere in the mid 70s and it'll be partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of a couple polish hours so hopefully that will get us go and because we sure need to get rid of this stuff all right they have it in the komo weather center i'm steve pool right now downtown seattle smoky hazy we have 80 degrees as we continue with 20 minutes of nonstop news komo news time 606 take announcement today congressman dave reichert says he's not.

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