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Of those bills included one that would have given kids with autism access to medical marijuana stacy lyn with accountability foundation says the governor's veto on the pot autism bill outrageous is a matter of medical freedom it is also a matter of governors not stepping in to play doctor and michelle walker whose ten year old uses marijuana for autism says a day after sitting outside of the governor's office the timing of the veto was suspect me respected you and he vetoed our bill at five a one pm when we respectfully cordially left the capital of the could say several other states have added autism to the list of conditions to qualify for medical marijuana jerry bill koa newsradio one of the major stars of cnn is dead chef and writer anthony bourdain dead at the age of sixty one cnn confirmed the death of the winning parts unknown host this morning saying we're dane committed suicide he talked about the feel of winning an emmy back in two thousand sixteen was pretty good i screwed on my life in every possible way human being could screw up their life i made every you know really awful decision that a person could make we standing there dunkin french fries at age forty four with no future and it seems to have worked out number name was in france at the time of his death working on an upcoming episode of the cnn series is body was found apparently by a friend and fellow chef inside his hotel room california's top cop and ten district attorneys are suing to companies after claims of dangerous levels of lead in toddler formula state attorney general xavier makara nutraceutical product peaceful planet toddler supreme formula caused exposures more than thirteen times the maximum allowable dose level amazon says that the products in question in also includes sammy's milk free range goat milk and toddler formula to denver boys who had their lemonade stand shutdown by police during memorial day weekend getting some legal backing from one of the nation's biggest lemonade makers country time lemonade launching a new initiative to help any kids who have their stands shut down by police over permit issues the company says legal aid will include a group of lawyers working to keep the stands open steelers dot com providing you're listening to the news it's eight thirty six colorado's morning news.

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