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The anniversary. Music and hugs from strangers. These Marjory stoneman Douglas reflect on their memories of their dear friend, Gina. Really hard to remember them as friends how I last salt. Spanish class. Making jokes. Spinning class clowns students parents stranger surrounded the memorial outside the school to pay their respects and honor their seventeen lives lost. Alec Schachter Elissa alhough def Jamie Gutenberg Martin Duquet genome. Multo nNcholas Helena Ramsey. Luke Hoyer Peter Wang, walking Oliver CARA Laffan meadow, Pollock Aaron Feis Elena petty. Chris Dickson Skopje eagle and Carmen shandra. Most students chose to spend the day outside of school. But those who did show up spent the day participating in service projects students serve breakfast to first responders and the school's principal sharing these photos of students packing meals for needy children just one way to get through the day designated as a day of service and love and while attendance was low superintendent, Robert Runcie says that's okay, Broward, schools, gave students choice to spend the day as they wish today is the day that we are calling. Day of service and love to honor the victims. To continue to work through the process of healing and recovery. Offer the injured and for the hundreds and thousands who are also impacted emotionally through trauma, and while.

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